Does my writing style attract you?

Does my writing style attract you? Topic: Curses writing a business
June 26, 2019 / By Rubye
Question: Also critize my work. Any improvements are welcome. Sirens blared and people screamed. Plumes of smoke poured out from every window, every door of Widow Creek private school on 5th avenue. Terrified parents struggled to get towards the school, some even tried to run passed the police and into the school to get their kids themselves. Students ran out from the school, ash and debris covering their faces and clothes. There where cries and screams heard throughout the burning building as firefighters broke down doors to reach them. And it’s probably all my fault. Well, at least part my fault.             Apart from this disaster, I was having a pretty good day. The only bad part was the huge zit that materialized on my chin over night. It’s the zits fault my school caught on fire, if it weren’t for that then I wouldn’t have had that terrible fight with a bully at school and everyone would have been safe. Curse puberty.             Anyways, I was having a good day and all until lunch time. I was eating my lunch, minding my own business, laughing with my friends when Jake Lucca, my personal tormentor, came to my table with his little group of friends. Jake Lucca was this jerk I’ve known since 3rd grade. He had dark, blue-black hair and dark blue eyes. He was pretty cute, but I hated him so much that no matter how good he looked, I’d never think him of him that way, let alone feel that way. “What’s that?” Jake pointed to my chin, which was red and swelling up from my zit. I felt my face get hot; I covered my chin with my hand and turned away. “It’s nothing, go away.” Sara Chance, one my friends, said indifferently. I looked at her from across the table. Her lips were pursed and her brows knit together. She had a crush on Jake, but she didn’t like the fact that he made fun of me.             Jake chuckled. “Why don’t you let her answer?” He grabbed my arm and tugged at it, trying to make me let go. I struggled; he’d gotten a lot stronger over the break. Last time he’
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Nella Nella | 3 days ago
I loved it, but I would change a few things I, in my opinion wouldn't write that you think your "arch enemy" so to speak is cute or that you should elaborate that you would never think of him in that way because it should be implied since you hate him. If you want to say he's cute just describe his physical appearance in a good way. And if you were to develop feelings for him later in the story then you could go more in depth with your feelings for him and his looks when you would begin to have those feelings for him. Also I would change the 3rd sentence to: "Terrified parents struggled to get towards the school, some trying to run pass the police officers and into the school to get their kids themselves. And I just wanted to add in an extra detail, to add in tight in between knit and together. sorry to have made this so long, hope I could help and great story line. I love how it starts off =]
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Louisa Louisa
I agree. If this is a book, or if you finish it, email me! I love your use of words, and so far, the storyline. Very good!
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