Fondant tips and tricks?

Fondant tips and tricks? Topic: Sparkle sister and the sisters
June 19, 2019 / By Tabatha
Question: I am going to be practicing my sister's birthday cake with fondant. I love to bake and have always been very curious about it. I have never tasted it and was wondering how it tasted? Also, are there any tricks to putting it on? Or tips that could make it look better? thanks!
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Reene Reene | 5 days ago
Good fondant tastes good and bad fondant doesn't. Homemade marshmallow fondant http://whatscookingamerica.net/PegW/Fond... tastes good, and Wilton's fondant doesn't. If you can find Satin Ice or Chocopan, they taste good but are expensive. The real trick to using fondant is to practice. You'll need to lift it and dust the work surface with cornstarch a few times as you go along. It also helps to use a rolling pin that's not wooden. I have a Silpin and a couple of nonstick plastic rolling pins and they all work, but the Silpin is a lot easier on the hands. Put a crumbcoat of buttercream on the cake before the fondant, to help it stick and to make it look smoother. Different people have different methods for fondant, but I like to use a cake board cut to the exact size of my cake, and then set the cake on something with a smaller diameter, almost as though the cake is sitting on a pedestal. Then when you put the fondant on, it can hang past the cake and you're less likely to get folds and wrinkles in it. It's hard to get a neat bottom edge on a fondant cake, which is why you see so many designs that hide the bottom edge...ribbons, ball borders, etc...but my method seems to work every time for me. Once the fondant is smooth on the cake itself, I use kitchen shears and cut the fondant just below the cake board, leaving just a tiny bit of extra because sometimes it will shrink up a bit as it's cut. After the cake is covered with fondant, put it on a larger cake board that has been decorated to match the cake...the decoration can just be covering the board with fondant and gluing a ribbon around the edge, or you can do something more complicated if it suits you. Your cake will be easier if you've got some little cookie cutters that you can make some fondant cutouts with...squares or circles look nice, especially if you use a smaller cutter to cut out part of the center. You can get fancier shapes too...flowers, little high heels (my favorite), gift boxes, crowns...there are tons of cookie cutters out there. The nice thing about using cutouts on a cake is that you can use them to cover up any trouble spots that develop in the fondant. You can also mold decorations in chocolate molds and attach them to the cake. I did that on this cake http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3642/3689... and also on this one http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3161/2667... If you end up with cornstarch visible on your fondant after it's on the cake, brush the excess off with a pastry brush and then paint over the spots with vodka. The vodka will evaporate, leaving no taste or alcohol behind, and it will clean off the cornstarch. A really nice touch for fondant is luster dust. Depending on the dust and how you use it, you can get either a glittery or a pearly look. It really adds interest to the cake and it's edible too. You can buy the Wilton brand at craft stores. The fancier dusts can be ordered online and they have more color and sparkle to them, but I used the Wilton ones for a long time before trying the fancier ones, and they all worked well enough.
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Michaela Michaela
fondant flavor good, its frustrating to artwork with, it dry es out speedy and could initiate getting frustrating, do no longer play with it to lots, and earlier you employ fondant you like butter cream on the cake earlier you employ fondant on it,
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Letty Letty
fondant taste good, its hard to work with, it dry es out fast and will start getting hard, don't play with it to much, and before you use fondant you need butter cream on the cake before you use fondant on it,
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