Why do people hate one direction fans?

Why do people hate one direction fans? Topic: How to write a fun pop song
June 19, 2019 / By Tamera
Question: Okay, I know that not everybody will like One Direction because they're pop, they don't write their songs and they are manufactured to make heaps of money by targeting their music at teenage girls. I also know that people generally find obsessive squealing teenage girls annoying. But, I just like One Direction for their personalities.. I will admit yes I find them attractive and occasionally I'll have a little moment but 95% I even like One Direction is because of the way they are, they're interesting and they're just really hilarious. Watching the video diaries from xfactor just makes me really happy because they just act like normal teenage boys having fun. I still like them now but I'm not going to lie, since about halfway through last year it's slowly starting to decrease because they're letting the fame get to their heads. But, I literally cannot even say the words "One Direction" without people getting angry at me or even completely excluding me from a group so I'm standing on my own. I just want to know why do people hate every one direction fan so much even though some of them just generally like them? but not all are "annoying and obnoxious" and you can't just say that One Direction SUCKS. You might not like their music and they might not make it themselves but that's besides the point; They're still good singers and decent people, and I don't understand like I will just say something about how I like One Direction, in a normal voice how anybody else would say they like a band or artist but then I cop so much sh*t for it. I know that everybody's going to be over them in a few months but honestly why am I not allowed to like them?
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Rheanna Rheanna | 7 days ago
It's just the way their fans act. Some of their fans attack you if you say one thing about not liking them or will send death threats to whoever one of the boys are dating. They think they will marry/date them when it's not gonna happen. They have even said they are better than the Beatles when they aren't. They are obsessed. It's just the way their fans act and act crazy that makes people not like their fans.
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Rheanna Originally Answered: Why do people love one direction so much?
I hate them 100% but I listened to their song "what makes you beautiful" and I could tell that it's just what girls my age (teenage) wish for. It's not written by them for SURE. And the fact they're funny and quirky apparently too... I suppose. My best friend loves them but I can't see why 100%

Mildredd Mildredd
Okay I don't hate One Direction. I just don't like their music too much an they are really overrated. And the reason why a lot of people hate their fans is because they are over obsessive and One Direction is all they ever talk about (usually) and they are really annoying! I love Justin Bieber but his fans suck monkey d•ck and it makes me embarrassed to be a fan of him. Some fans are so annoying and its like they live off of that certain celebrity and they would die without them. I don't hate all of their fans. Only the super annoying Stan-like fans.
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Libbie Libbie
I do agree that not ALL of them are annoying, but the overly- obsessive ones are. I have an overly- obsessed directioner in my class, and it can get really annoying about how every time some one says "direction", she'll always have to gasp. People find it funny, but if it happens constantly, it gets REALLY annoying. Some times, she'll just shout " I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!" In the middle class and its annoying. She always has to like photos or statuses about 1D every single day on FB and share photos about 1D too. We share a locker together, and I can't even put a schedule up cuz it's crowded with 1D posters!!! One time I pronounced Louis as lew-is and she said she'll slap me if I mispronounced it again. So I'm not saying that all directioners are annoying, just the overly- obsessed ones are.
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Juliet Juliet
First of all, you must know that people can't really think they way you want them to think. We all have different opinions and way of thinking. Generally, when talking about One Direction fans, about 75%-90% are the screaming and VERY REALLY obsessive fans. So, when they heard that you are a fan of them, they started to think that you are those types of girls too. Except for those people who know better of you. As to why most people hate them..... I think that they hate them because they are too successful. Like there are a lot of talented singers and bands out there who auditioned for the x factor too and those who worked harder than them just to be noticed but still ends up not famous at all. I think that the members of One Direction must have done something very very great in their previous life to be given a life like this in this life. They auditioned for x factor, the judges put them into groups, they compete as a group and the judges and other people love them, they end up 3rd in the x factor but they still got signed to a big company, they released an album and BOOM!!! they're the no.1 boyband in the world. They are just very very lucky that they get to be this famous. Genuinely, i like them. Not just for their looks, but for their music and their personality. I know how you feel. I get judged too when i said that i love One Direction. Other are like "You like them?? You don't seem to be the type to be obsessed with them." So, i've decide to keep this small world of 1D to myself.
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Gloria Gloria
People think they are superior because they like bands that scream their heads off. Not that I think they're all terrible though, but its the truth. People are snobs. Plus, they associate all the crazy ones with a normal fan. It's just stereotypes. Ignorance. And assholes. Douchebags.
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Destinee Destinee
They're just fads! In a few months everybody will have forgotten about them, just watch. Edit: Nobody said you can't like them. Maybe you just have the wrong 'friends'.
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