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Persuasive essay help? Topic: Convincing essay writing
June 20, 2019 / By Thomasin
Question: Ok, so im taking a big test on tuesday to determine if i graduate. Im a junior in high school and would really like to pass this on first try. My question is do you guys have any useful tips for writing a solid persuasive essay ? what are the do's and don'ts ? what should go in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraph ? please help me out thanks guys.
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Rosasharn Rosasharn | 4 days ago
The purpose of a persuasive essay is too persuade the reader of something. It's basically an argument to the reader written on paper. Here are some tips. - show your side of the argument. Use good, solid examples that you think would really convince the reader. - give your reasonings a positive reflection. Show the negatives of what your going against the convince the reader even more. - start of your MI as something capturing. Capture the reader into the essay.
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Rosasharn Originally Answered: Individuality Persuasive Essay?
Since the topic is personal, I will assume that personal pronouns are appropriate. Your thesis should be something of a restatement of the topic. For example, "Someone has said, "Unless you are the leader of the pack, the scenery never changes." Many people are content to be followers and to allow their lives to be dominated by the pack mentality. They follow blindly like lemmings wherever everyone else is going. I, in sharp contrast, prefer to be a leader, a rebel, an individual who willingly leaves the pack behind and blazes my own trails. I am the example of the classic line from Star Trek; I boldly go where no one has gone before." Then list the proofs or evidence that will persuade others that what you have said is true. --You don't wear the trendy clothes that everyone else wears --You don't do all the popular things --You have never seen the popular shows --You wear red on St. Patrick's Day You can add to this list and then make comments or add examples. Then for a close just sum up what you have said and re-state the thesis. Add a pithy close and you're done.
Rosasharn Originally Answered: Individuality Persuasive Essay?
For your thesis, you could create a clever and interesting statement that clearly states your position. You could also contrast yourself with the main crowd of conformists. For example, you could say, "Unlike most young people, who are concerned with conforming to certain standards, I see myself as an individual." Just be sure to support your ideas and arguments and keep your audience in mind. :)
Rosasharn Originally Answered: Individuality Persuasive Essay?
Mine please?? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AlwehwtrjWwBY4xMIy2QSorty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110501161354AApG9IQ How about, "I am indivudualized as evidenced by my effort to achieve ___________, my leadership skills, and my individual thoughts, which are characterized by myself, and only myself." Or something like that....

Moyra Moyra
Show both sides of the argument. Show knowledge of it and then use that to convince the reader against it. Oddly enough I too am doing a persuasive essay right now....but for 7th grade. I hope I could help.
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We know that smoking is bad for you, so why do we have to hurt others to prove it. A animal is your best friend, but some animals get the short end of the stick and put there lives on the line to keep YOU safe. Is it fair?
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You usually go over your points briefly in the introductions and conclusions. Since we dont know them we can't write them for you but just do that. The conclusion is basically just summing it all up at the end. If there wasnt animal testing though, we'd have to do it on people and i completely disagree with putting soap in babies' eyes to test it, i'd rather hurt a mouse.

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