What do you associate with theses names?

What do you associate with theses names? Topic: Ma thesis
July 19, 2019 / By Corliss
Question: Maranda Pepper Lena Lynae Maranda is spelled right because i hate it with an i because i sounds like my-randa and with ma it is pronoused Ma-randa and the last one is pronosed (La-nae)
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Bet Bet | 7 days ago
Maranda - A very outgoing , nice girl Pepper - Quiet Lena- Talkative lynae- Smart , very into school , keeps to herself.
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Bet Originally Answered: What do you think of theses names?
I really like Maya, and Sky, Ava is cute, it is a pretty popular name this year...... as for the boys name, I'm not a big fan of Coby, and Jay is okay....... Go to www.ivillage.com they have a baby name finder that I used, it was a big help.

Agas Agas
Well, this is just how I associate them... Maranda -- I think of a girl I know named Miranda... I have to say, I'm not a fan. She has kind of a messed up family (her mom brags about how her and her brother were "crack babies"), and she doesn't have a very extensive vocabulary. She usually just runs around saying "Don't jeopardize my education" and asking where Toto is... I don't know, she kind of creeps me out...but I am friends with her cousin, so I see her a lot unfortunately. Pepper -- This reminds me of my best friend's dog. She had a dog named Pepper... She was a red heeler... Then she kind of became pregnant and poisoned and died rather tragically... She was a great dog, but I don't think I like the name for an actual person. Lena -- This makes me think of a character in a book named Lena. She was extremely caring and straightforward. I thought she was a great character, and I like the name. Lynae -- This reminds me of my aunt. It's her middle name. I think it sounds a bit odd as a first name, but I think it's fine as a middle name. Well, I hope I helped and good luck! -- Amy
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Tiberius Tiberius
Maranda - Funny, like the other person I knew a Miranda who was a cheerleader. Somewhat airheaded. Pepper - I knew a guy with that nickname, hah. Lena - Blonde hair, blue eyes. Lynae - An actress. I don't know why.
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Rae Rae
Maranda- I think this name sounds really sweet, like a girl who is really cute and put together. And I like this spelling better than the traditional "Miranda"! Pepper- Reminds me of that band, Salt n Peppa, which personally I don't like. It also makes me hungry. Not my personal favorite, but definitely unique! Lena- Love this name! Very Greek, and very classy. A girl with this name would make me think of a women who is is very successful and gorgeous! Lynae- A lanae another word for porch, essentially, and if I'm pronouncing this correctly, they sound the same. Not something I'd want to be named after! I think it will also get a lot of misspellings and mispronunciations which will be annoying for the kid. Good luck!
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Marko Marko
Maranda - Dyslexic parent. Pepper - Doctor; refreshing drink. Lena - The mythical character. Lynae - I have no idea how to even pronounce this... is it an aesc? Is it someone who loves 'unique variants' of the sound 'ay'? Edit: So the last one's pronounced "La-neee", as in the ae in Caesar, subpoena or aeon?
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Jermaine Jermaine
Maranda IS misspelled. The original spelling is Miranda. It reminds me of that annoying girl from iCarly. (Don't take it personally -- I hate all Nick and Disney shows.) Pepper is a name for a rabbit. Lena reminds me of a character in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which reminds me of Greece. Lynae reminds me of The Golden Girls, because they would always go out on their lanai. Lynae is not a name. I'd suggest: ~Marina ~Penelope ~Lena ~Renee
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Jermaine Originally Answered: What do you think of theses names?
For girls I like Marlow Ryan and Eden. I also really like the last name Reed. It just sounds like a strong last name (and it reminds me of Scrubs). For guys names I like Wes and Levi.

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