Help me on my american goverment topics please?

Help me on my american goverment topics please? Topic: Case systems mi
June 26, 2019 / By Dolina
Question: Hello my goverment professor asked us to inquire on these topics for our testing this weekend. Ill list the topics below and was curious if anyone had enough knowledge to go down the list and voice a detailed explanation on each of the topics. Thanks a lot ! TOPICS: Bush Administration response to Hurricane Katrina What Katrina taught us about problems with federalism "Nondecisions" The legal status of local governments Unitary government, confederation, federalism Characteristics of countries with federal systems of government Supremacy clause the meaning of the phrase "full faith and credit" in the Constitution Changes over time in the division of power between the state and federal (national) government, and the causes of those changes Limitations that the states face in dealing with problems such as poverty and the environment How Federalism can benefit private corporations in avoiding regulation and taxation Court case: Fletcher v. Peck Court case: McCulloch v. Maryland regulatory agencies "marble cake" federalism Federal grants, and their growth and decline Block grants "Conditions" on federal aid general revenue sharing Unfunded mandates Which level of government is closest to “the people”
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Carlyn Carlyn | 5 days ago
The answer isn't such a problem as it is trying to get a good grade from a teacher that might have a hidden agenda. After all, if he's one of these bleeding heart little whiney bastards, he will expect alot of Bush Bashing, on the other hand, theres some subjects...like with Bush...that the public are generally ignorant of...because most of them only know what they heard the liberal media say for over an 8 year period or 9 now considering all they can parrot is 'its all Bush's fault" rather than suck it up and blame thier boy Obama for not doing jack his first year. For instance, some will say Bush didn't respond fast to Hurricane Katrina. They will overlook the mis-spent funds of the local government to fix the levies, they will overlook the local government making any real attempt to get the people out, even arresting one person that took the initiative by commendering a school bus to get people out. They will overlook that states responsibility to help out and work with the cities. They DO have a legitamate concern that there was a break down in communication to the federal government, but too many are under some dumb idea that FEMA is supposed to be at the ready to respond in a moments notice to disaster, and that's not the way things are or should be set up. What it taught us is that IF federalism is set up to communicate effectively, then it works and that's all one needs really. After all, I don't recall Katrina ONLY hitting New Orleans...It hit Mississippi too. The big difference ? Louisiana whined and cried for aid like they were completely incompetant to help themselves out....where as Mississippi took it upon themselves to rebuild. Louisiana was primarily controlled by liberal democrats the previous 30 years whom cater to having thing done for them, where as Mississippi were more conservative and had a mentality more geared toward individualism and independence. The lesson learned ? The real lesson is democrats ruin people, ruin communities and cities if they have control for too long.
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Carlyn Originally Answered: Is the U.S. goverment (or any goverment) trying to control our beliefs?
Government, like most any organization you can think of, is trying to shape your opinion all the time, so yes, they are trying to control our beliefs. Let's look at post 9/11 events; Even though the President himself has said that there is NO connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, a December 29 2006 Harris poll found that 41% of Americans believed he did. That's amazing control of what we believe. After being sold on an idea, we hang onto it even in the face of the bare facts...even when the person who sponsored the story recants it. Government is always involved in crafting thought. Recall the litter commercials of the 1970's...the anti-smoking campaigns of recent years...every aspect of government is some way tied to what you think. It's not all bad, but it is how things work.
Carlyn Originally Answered: Is the U.S. goverment (or any goverment) trying to control our beliefs?
The government does not deny the existance of a base where Area 51 is. They deny the "proof" of what others say happens or happened there. Contrary to what you might think, not everything that happens at government bases are for the entire world to know about.
Carlyn Originally Answered: Is the U.S. goverment (or any goverment) trying to control our beliefs?
Do you really think our government is capable of hiding much of anything? A president can't even keep secret what he ate for dinner. Clinton's sex life was blabbed all over this country and the world. Nixon couldn't hide his involvement in Watergate. You give our government too much credit.

Ange Ange
I'm not sure what you want. Are you talking about how government works or what problems it faces? There are literally thousands of topics, ranging from the difference between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches to how the deficit is calculated, to the role of the Electoral College, to the history of the Vice-Presidents, to the story of the only two Presidents ever to be impeached (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton). Current problems include the war, the economy, social issues like gay marriage, and the fact that Medicare is going broke. All of these have some government element to them.
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I've always been intrigued by World War II, and though you may have already thought about doing this, I would be incredibly interested if you wrote about the justifiability of using the Atomic Bomb, and how the US is perceived in the scope of nuclear armament by the rest of the world, especially after using the weapon. Also, the political changes in Vietnam that led to the war One more: History is being made every day. You don't necessarily have to write about something that happened 50 years ago. How about writing about whether Desert Storm was a necessary, or even justifiable war? The war on Terror? That would be one heck of an essay to read, and would probably be more interesting than writing about the distant past.

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