Baseball project for school.need help with thinking of players to include?

Baseball project for school.need help with thinking of players to include? Topic: How to write a 60 second pitch
June 24, 2019 / By Indigo
Question: at my very boring high school, packed with blonde cheerleaders, I am doing a decade project, where we have to pick a decade and pick a topic (consumer,politics,music,fashion,sports,... and I knew right away I was going to chose sports.I chose to focus more on baseball, since I know a helluva lot about the game's players and history than any other sport. Anyway, I picked the 60's (wish I coulda done the 20's cuz I love learning about Lou Gehrig). I got most of the stuff:how the NL dominated pitching (Koufax, Gibson, Marichal), Roger Maris hitting homer number 61;but I need more. So I thought I would write about the players who were rookies (who became HOF'ers), and players who were retiring (who became HOF'ers) during that time. Here's what I got: ROOKIES IN 60'S: Carl Yastrzemski (1961) Reggie Jackson (1967) Johnny Bench (1967) Juan Marichal (1960) Lou Brock (1961) RETIRED IN 60'S Ted Williams (1960) Mickey Mantle (1968) Yogi Berra (1965) What I want to do with that info is add more. Can ya help me out with any of those two, either players who were rookies (who became HOF'ers) or players who were retiring (who became HOF'ers) in the 60's decade? Thanks you so much. Go Irish and Yankees -how the heck does this make me sound unpopular? My school is boring (except when there's a fight during lunch) and the cheerleaders at my school really are bimbos. Time for me to make friends? How bout it's time you find better teams to root for? Good luck.
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Elba Elba | 8 days ago
Some players to include are: ROOKIES IN THE 60'S; Nolan Ryan, Catfish Hunter, Don Sutton, Carlton Fisk (began his career in 1969, did not start playing full time until 1971), Phil Niekro, Tony Perez, Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Rollie Fingers, Rod Carew, Ferguson Jenkins, Joe Morgan. RETIRED IN THE 60'S; Duke Snider, Richie Ashburn, Nellie Fox, Eddie Mathews, Robin Roberts, Warren Spahn, Sandy Koufax, Satchel Page All I can think of right now, hope that helps a bit...
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Cherie Cherie
When Stan 'the Man' Musial retired after the 1963 season he held or tie almost every team record of the St. Louis Cardinals. At the time of Stan's retirement he held many National League records... most hits, 3630, doubles 725, hit 5 homeruns in a double header and appeared in 24 All Star games. Some of his records have been equaled or surpassed. Went into the Hall-of-Fame his first year of eligibility, 1969. Musial's contribution to baseball takes up volumes, much to much for here. You picked a good subject. Good luck on your essay.
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Ashleigh Ashleigh
ROOKIES IN 60'S: Jim Bunning (1964) Richie Allen (1964) RETIRED IN 60'S: Robin Roberts (1961)
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Zephaniah Zephaniah
Have I? needless to say I even have. shall we merely make a itemizing. I even have achieved a 300 be conscious Biography on Halladay (got here out with 900 words) achieved numerous oral report. biographys on Halladay. Have achieved a million on different gamers too, like Frank Thomas and Rios. Have achieved a activities undertaking on the Toronto Blue Jays. Have additionally achieved many artwork initiatives on the Toronto Blue Jays emblem back in Grade 7 (sure we nonetheless had artwork) additionally I at present am doing dissimilar Blue Jays designed issues in commercial Arts. i'm style of upsessed with baseball, and college. even with the indisputable fact that it makes each little thing basic when I do initiatives on something i admire. EDIT: I found out many stuff from those initiatives. It superior my awareness plenty on baseball. rather, I became a diehard Halladay fan, and ought to tell you his birthday till now everyone in my households. I additionally found out issues like. Thomas and his college soccer occupation. the place he might have been probable, an NFL celeb, yet desperate upon baseball. plenty I found out, that i'm happy I even have been waiting to do all of the initiatives I even have had to achieved on baseball. I even have additionally found out, i'm a reasonably terrible artist, different than whilst it consists of Blue Jays stuff, for example, like my demonstrate image.
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Skylar Skylar
Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Joe Morgan, Willie Stargel, Brooks Robinson,Jim Palmer, Roberto Clemente, Steve Carlton, Bob Gibson, to name a few I think these are accurate
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Ormerod Ormerod
You might want to double check this... but I believe Nolan Ryan was a rookie in '68 or '69. Just going off the top of my head.... some more guys who started in the '60's....these are guesses Tom Seaver Willie Stargell Jamie Moyer
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