Is 8 too young to start reading harry potter?

Is 8 too young to start reading harry potter? Topic: The sisters eight book 8
June 20, 2019 / By Achan
Question: My sister's gonna be eight on tuesday and i got her harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, along with an easy to read version of black beauty. My mother and i absolutely LOVED harry potter and want all of my sisters to start reading it so please don't tell me not to give it to her
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Sorrel Sorrel | 6 days ago
I think that it should be one of the first novels a child should ever read. It got me interested into reading books more around that age, and as I grow older I find more and more reasons to love the book series; so much symbolism, great story, classic epic tale of the battle between good and evil, etc. But let them read the books before they even consider watching the movies, because in my honest opinion, they should have never made those movies because they sucked so bad. No offense to anyone who does! Carry on with your daily business!
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Hey There =) May I go for the obvious one? I'd do one comparing their politics to ours - with so many mentions of the ministry it could be a very detailed essay :) Hope I helped =)

Posy Posy
First of all, then why are you asking? But no 8 is most definately not too young, particularly to start. She migh have to wait a year or two to have the dedication to read Harry Potter 4-7 because they are a big longer. But the first three are most definately easy enough for an eight year old to read. I love Harry Potter too and I started reading those books at about that age.
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Maurene Maurene
I think your sister will be pleased to receive Harry Potter books for an 8th birthday present. There is nothing in the content unsuitable, indeed, the books are perfect for children of that age - never too young to read. I too read and enjoyed all the Harry Potter books and hope your sister wants to read the rest :).
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Latoya Latoya
Eight is a perfectly respectable age to start reading Harry Potter! I was eight when I started to read it. Besides, The books don't start getting too mature until the end of Goblet of Fire. (Also, If you think your sister is old enough to enjoy Black Beauty, then she'll be fine with The Philosopher's Stone : ) )
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Jessye Jessye
You can start reading Harry Potter at 3 if you're interested enough. Does your sister like books? Fantasy, well-written, addictive-but-not-bad-for-you books?
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I saw the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny pairings too. In fact, I don't understand how people imagine that Hermione/Draco or Harry/Hermione would work. I've always seen Snape as an evil, sadistic character too. I think Snape originally joined the Death Eaters to gain power and prestige, but realized that Voldemort is a sociopath that would not hesitate to torture or kill his own followers if they were to disappoint or fail him. He agreed to work as a double agent for Voldemort (to protect himself by being useful) and was never loyal to Dumbledore. He lied to him and claimed that he was no longer a Death Eater, but is known to be skilled at Occlumency, so his word doesn't mean much. I think that after what he heard of the prophesy he decided to protect Harry because even though he hates him, he knows he is the one that can defeat Voldemort and therefore free him. No one quits being a Death Eater because Voldemort won't allow it, but if he were to die.... I hated that Sirius died, but he went out the way he'd want to go: fighting. Harry will be reunited with Sirius, his parents and Dumbledore when he dies and goes to heaven. I've been thinking that Draco and Narcissa would probably go to the Order too. If Voldemort kills Lucius for failing to retrieve the prophesy for him and to punish Draco for not killing Dumbledore it would make them angry and would make them seek revenge. What better way to get it than to help his enemy defeat him (by giving Harry information) and earn their protection at the same time? Yeah, I thought that Harry should have decapitated Kreacher and mounted his head on the wall in 12 GP after he betrayed him. But, since he won't do that -- at least he may prove useful, as Harry can interrogate him for information. I suspect that R.A.B. was Regulus Black and that he stole Slytherin's locket from the cave. He may have used Kreacher to help him steal it and hide it at the house. If so, Harry may be able to find and destroy that Horcrux with a little involentary help from his house elf. I don't think that Harry will die and J.K. Rowling has only said that she could understand why other authors would kill off a popular character since it would prevent others from writing more with about them. That doesn't mean that *she* will do that. I think Harry is going to defeat Voldemort with some help from Ron, Hermione, Draco and Kreacher. He has always needed help in the past and it would follow the Sorting Hat's advice for the Houses to work together to overcome difficult times.

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