Question about sound from a tv?

Question about sound from a tv? Topic: Internal case speaker
June 26, 2019 / By Pollie
Question: If your TV gives crappy sound, and you wanted better so you bought two new speakers, and connected them to the TV by S/PDIF or HDMI w/e would it give the same crap sound the TV had before, or would it give out it's own sound quality
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Matty Matty | 2 days ago
You can certainly improve on the internal speakers in most TVs ... but what you suggest is problematic. The TV has a built in amplifier that power the speakers. Some TVs have external speaker connections ... in which case you could simply attach speaker(s) directly. In which case, assuming the speakers are better quality than the TV speakers and the internal amp is capable of providing a good signal, you will get better sound. However, this type of output is relatively rare. In most cases audio out ports bypass the internal amp ... so to use external speakers you must first connect to an external amplifier. That is what you would do with an HDMI or SPDIF output ... connect to an A/V receiver (AVR) and have it power external speakers connected to the AVR (If you don't have an AVR, you could also use computer speakers since they have a built in amp ... but you would need pretty good ones (e,g, Logitech Z680) to get good sound). Both SPDIF and HDMI would allow full 5.1 sound (assuming the program you are watching supports it, and the TV audio out is providing the bitstream data ... which most will do). Note that you could also benefit from this setup to watch DVDs with much improved 5.1 surround sound ... not just TV. So ... long answer, but here's the short version. You can improve sound, but what you propose won't work unless you connect to powered speakers or an external amplifier and speakers. Hope that helps.
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First check the problem why TV is sounding like that. If its a problem with speakers then go for new speakers but if you add speakers you cant excape from the crappy sound. You can only reduce the crappy sound if you add speakers to you old speakers http://www.hometheatre-secrets.com/
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