This girl use to read my facebook messages for 3 years?

This girl use to read my facebook messages for 3 years? Topic: Writing letters asking for money from brother
June 19, 2019 / By Allen
Question: I use to write all this poetry and stuff but also i made it obvious that i really liked her. Also I got depressed and I thought she could help but she sort of didn't care at all. She always seemed to be nice to me. She told me openly today (a few minutes ago) that i screwed everything up because she didn't pity me at all. Her ultimatium today kind of makes me want to give up on relationships. I know this is far fetched but does anyone know like anything that can help me. I know what to fix now but this girl has been in my dreams even though I thought i didn't have feelings for her anymore. SHe called my love letters the creepiest thing she ever heard. She was a really fake person while looking back on it. I was warned by 2 people (my older brother and my best friend) that she wasn't into me as much as before. I didn't want to give up. I have also noticed in her new city (she moved and apparently she lied about everything on facebook- i asked stuff like will you be my valentine- she gave me false hope - and i would also say my GPA shot down after she threw me her out of my life) I'm extremely emotional and she thinks i should seek mental health. Do psychologists cost alot of money, i'm 17 and i think i may actually need one. also i think i may have said I LOVE YOU too early. i did some stalking and found out aparently alot of her other guy friends who are good friends with her also deal with the same issues apparently. She flirts with so many people. i mean there is this other girl in my school that likes me. and i am obviously the chicken not making a move. i know its my first relationship and all. but what does self-pity actually mean? can someone explain that to me. i'm curious. sorry for the massive amount of detail, lets just say this crush was about 3 years long and it pains me to see her ultimatium include everything bad about me and not one compliment. i sort of want to go up to her some day and say "ur a ******* *****" but she knows who i sue to like (who dates my bro's best friend- who i thought i really connected with but apparnetly did not). i'm constantly told from girls that i'm to mellow and i need to get confidence. according to most of them, i already have the looks. you guys dont understand she doesn't even want to see me in person anymore. she said im the most confusing guy she has ever had to deal with. and she said it was so many wasted years and mixed feelings she had for me. She told me she really tried to deal with me because she did really like me, i could so use a time machine honestly. so when i see her later this month should i blast up with confidence acting like nothing happened? i mean she will ignore me but i'm not backing down just because she's there. I just won't talk to her, ill also try looking my best (my hair hopefully will be grown out at that time). get a nice hollywood haircut. i don't want to win her back, i want to show her that I'm truly sorry. honestly she doesn't understand this. i said i'm truly sorry for everything i have done to you over the past few years. she just said "k. now stop talking to me." that burned so bad. love=hopeless so far bating a 0.000 with girls =/. wow all of your advice are great but would u guys say i should delete her on facebook? i'm contemplating if i should. according to my brother, he said at the end of 2009 when she lost feelings, he said it seemed as if i was begging her to like me again. he said man up and move on. we were sort of dating for awhile but we never kissed. she did have strong feelings for me. and now shes like "step away from me now." or "i don't want to talk to you anymore" on facebook. i think u guys are right, i'll move on. even if she gives me a chance to date her. im turning it down. she defines DRAMA queen IMO. apparently she flirted with some girl's boyfriend in her new city and people hated her for awhile. she has alot of friends she deletes than readds them. That may have meant something. She either lied about her feelings or i think i may have hurt her feelings too many times maybe
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Tawny Tawny | 9 days ago
self pity is feeling sorry for yourself, like feeling bad for yourself, or like your sad that your not "good enough". leave her alone and dont talk to her ffor a while, then ask her out a while later, be happy around her even if you have to pretend, show confidence in yourself and dont bring yourself down in front of her. on second thought try asking the other girl out not the mean one. shes a b*tch anyway.
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Tawny Originally Answered: This girl who I thought liked me, deleted me on facebook?
Girls can be mean, and so can guys. it looks like it was the girl in this case. I know you said you felt nothing like how you felt when you saw her for the first time, but I think you'll have to keep looking for another girl who can make you feel that way, and who won't treat you like that. You sound young, and love isn't something that should be seeked quickly. It will come to you!!! I promise :) You sound like a nice guy too, so this girl probably didn't deserve you anyway. Maybe she was just excited about being on a trip and having a...flirting fling..or something like that. But she deleted you and that obviously wasn't an accident....or maybe you could ask her if it was. But you deserve better than that, and it will come to you. Don't worry over it too much. good luck :)

Robin Robin
1) self-pity is the act of feeling sorry for oneself. Actually it's a common misconception by bystanders looking in on someone who is depressed and reaching out for help. Depressed people often express their depression to a select few to try and seek help, and if you choose the wrong people to talk to (like you did) they'll say you're wallowing in self-pity. So yeah, that's my deal on it. 2) It's not hard to find a girl that will enjoy sweet love letters- just don't make them awkward. 3) She's a b****. Get over her. 4) I think you should seek a therapist, and then a psychologist. Psychologists only give out medication based on the symptoms. Therapists often seek to work through your inner problems without drugging you. If you're clinically depressed (which it doesn't seem like you are) then the therapist will recommend seeing a psychologist to get meds. But it is quite spendy. I'm not sure how much, but mine is around $100 per session. If you are diagnosed with depression or something though, your insurance should cover it. 5) You do need to learn to gain some self-confidence and grow a backbone. The sweet side is nice sometimes, but most girls also want a guy who will take the reigns sometimes and be a man. Therapy can help with that too. 6) forget about her and move on. Wipe everything that has to do with her out of your life. That's the easiest way to forget.
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Modesty Modesty
Now I didn't really read this whole thing cuz it's REALLY LONG.......but I skimmed so here is my advice. Dump the girl who flirts with a lot of guys, she is playing to many games and you are to good for that, I mean look how much you can write. You will find someone cause so far you got the looks and the brains and this girl just seems to well be a slut, find someone better. As for the confidence, just talk to people be really social and really nice but not a push over. Do what I do just think that if you get rejected, there are so many more people out there so it won't matter, and it will blow off in a week too. But if you belive in your self enough no one can say no to you. Good Luck and I hope you find another girl, you so deserve one.
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Linette Linette
So you guys dated? well if you didn't then one tip is don't write love letters to a girl you're not dating. Don't blame her for your low GPA....that's like asking for her pity and it's a little needy. If you are an emotional guy then that's just who you are. You can't go to a psychologist to fix that, that's silly. This girl is a flirt..... just get over her. It seems hard but try and look into your future. Imagine yourself at age 30. She'll be out of your life and you'll have forgotten about her and met someone else. self pity is feeling sorry for yourself. its stupid and gets you know where. go hang out with some friends do something fun join a sport....stop dwelling. move on and live your life GIVE HER ROOM. if she said she liked you then there may be something there. stop trying to make her feel sorry for you and stop trying to talk to her. over time she'll sort out how she feels about you. When you see her just say hi CONFIDENTLY. then if she doesn't start up a conversation just walk away. like i said....give her room. leave and go talk with your other friends.
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Kaleigh Kaleigh
No!! Don't ask her out. Don't waste your time on this crazy girl. You poured your heart out and she responded like a cold-hearted b***h. You could do so much better. You're only 17, it was your first go at a relationship, and it had it's run. You deserve someone who will stand by you at your darkest hour, who will make you feel whole and happy. Someone who does things for you too and enjoys it. Believe me, it will hit this girl hard when she finishes high school and realizes that no one is there to be with her because she treated everyone like crap. Don't focus on her. or trying to get with a new girl. You just spent 3 years of your precious teenage life that is soon to be over. Spend time for yourself. Get your grades back up, go out with friends, go on road trips, meet people, laugh. You're 17, and in a year or two, you'll have to worry about rent and bills and work. This is your time to shine. So take advantage of it, and live!
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Gytha Gytha
I think that what you need to do is cry it all out (or take out your sadness in some other way), and then move on. As much as you think that you can't or whatever, you'll get through it... My bf went trhough this with his ex gf and yeah he felt depressed, very emotional, and was told so many things by his gf, but he moved on and is a better place now. Just forget her and leave her in the past, life will go on. And you will find a girl that will like you. It's your first relationship don't dwell too much over it, learn from it and move on... just move on.
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Dixee Dixee
If a guy told me that I affected his school work I would laugh my *** off!! Look right now she has the ball in her court because you gave it to her! Some people are evil like this girl!! She doesnt appreciate you right now because she's young and dumb!! You need to stop calling her, stop talking to her and you dont need help!! She is just a tease, no worries. Look she likes having control over you and making you feel bad, but my question is why would YOU like someone like that? She's crazy!! Not you!! You need to stop the self pity because its not attractive, no girl likes a guy who is always gloomy. Plus what if her life is twice as bad as yours but she isnt complaining and you are. WTF!! Be happy for the things you do have! Self pity is just when you feel bad about how your life is going so you tell other people so that they will have sympothy for you!! Stop!! Your a man be one!! That doesnt mean be mean or nasty to people but act like a man should act be a leader and ask the other girl out.. GEEZ!! and then dont bug the heck out of her if she says yes. And dont tell her your life story all in one week
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Carlene Carlene
You obviously hurt, just apologize and ask her out. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AvTkig2n4LK7o72EF2yv1n_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100706182014AAZyYTi
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