Is it possible to Squat in a foreclosed home for a year or two?

Is it possible to Squat in a foreclosed home for a year or two? Topic: Prisons in america research
June 26, 2019 / By Allric
Question: Squat: meaning- To claim a house in the process of foreclosure. I am 18 years old, living in Florida with an old hag who drinks A LOT. SO much, she often tries to kick me out. I have no where to go. Recently, I did some research on a house in the farms. The owner has up and left, the house is unlocked and so beautiful looking inside. I talked to many realtors about this particular property and they told me it was last bought in 2000, and the man who owned it was named Robert R. He moved out in 2009, taking the fridge, stove, dishwasher, and all the furniture. I thought to myself, "since this place isn't even under foreclosure yet, why don't I just move in, turn on the water and power and put all my stuff here?" I know the bank is going to end up owning this property but, with the market being as bad as it is, why not? Then I thought, "More and more people are doing this so, why can't I?" I'd like to know the advantages and the disadvantages of this project before I take it on. Please tell me what I could do and no do. I DO have a job THANK YOU. It doesn't pay too much and as an American I can't say this is America ANYMORE. You have to take what you need, and give what you can. That's how I was raised. My parents are both dead, leaving me with nothing. F*ck all of you who think this is a "bad" idea and are telling me I'll get arrested. Do you know haw many people are getting away with this?! It's a smart thing to do. If you clean up all the surrounding area, make the house look nice, and tell your neighbors you have just bought the place and what-not, no one will be the wiser. Oh, did anyone pay attention to what I said? I"M LIVING IN THE FARMS! Middle of no where people. I have 1 neighbor! They already love me and told me they're looking forward to my new company of being there.
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Teresa Teresa | 9 days ago
You are risking a long prison sentance. The odds are not in your favor of getting any services to the property. The odds of no one calling the police are also pretty slim. There is nothing legal you can do at all, legally you can not be on the land at all.
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Teresa Originally Answered: If my house was foreclosed do I still have the chance to get it back?
Was your name on the title deed during the foreclosure procedure? Were you leasing or renting to own the house? If your name was not on the title deed or the mortgage loan, you were not getting the runaround the mortgage lender legally was not allowed to speak to you about any procedure of the mortgage. This would have been an illegal act their part. Since it appears as if you had no legal ownership of the property. Even though the house is sitting there vacant, it would have to be placed on the real estate market by the current owner for sale, which could be a mortgage lender or an investor. You might find out the current owner of the property and address. Once you have found out this information you might send them an offer of purchase with proof that you are financially able to purchase the property or a pre-approval letter issued by a local mortgage lender to booster your offer. You would find the owner of the property by going to the county court recorder's office. There you would complete an application, pay a small fee, after which they would mail you the information requested. Some county offices have this information for no charge on the internet. Prior to making your offer you might would want to see if there is visible damage to the property. Take this damage into consideration this and the cost to repair this damage in making your offer. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

Ros Ros
it is illegal. the owners of the property can have you arrested for trespassing at any time. if/when someone who pays attention becomes the owner, that's the likely outcome. the neighbors can also report you to the police for trespassing and again, you'll be arrested. "turning on" the water and power are illegal. it's called theft of services from the water company and the power company. you can't get them to turn the utilities on legally because you can't show them a valid lease. effectively, you can't claim a property by adverse possession -- the time period during which you have to uncontestedly occupy the property is many years long, not months. *** off hand, i'd say that what you need most is a job.
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Monna Monna
Advantages - you get a roof over your head for at least a short time. Disadvantages - you can't turn on the power or water since you are not a legal resident of the house, so no tv, etc. You are trespassing. In order to gain ownership of the property (squatter's rights, or more formally, adverse possession, FL law states - To claim real estate by adverse possession without color of title, a person must have possession for a period of seven (7) years and pay the assessed taxes. Florida Code ยง95.16-.18.
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Lisa Lisa
The one thing you don't understand is that this house does belong to someone whether it is in foreclosure or not. This Robert R. may return to the house or sell it or rent it. He certainly has the right to keep trespassers out by contacting the officials if he suspects someone has entered the house. The people you think are getting away with this are mortgage holders who have given up paying the mortgage and are simply living in their own home until they are forced to move. you asked the question, but don't want to hear the truth.
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Kara Kara
You can be arrested for trespassing, breaking and entering and possibly unlawful destruction of personal property. There is NO such thing as squatting laws in the USA any longer.
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Hannah Hannah
I know you think you have this all figured out and this should be OK but it isn't. If you want to spend some real quality time getting to know the REAL laws, go ahead with your plan so you can become a jailhouse lawyer.
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Since you moved to MI in August you should file a part year WI return for Jan. through the date you moved. For August through Dec. you would file a MI part year return. You will probably have to do papers returns for the states. It does not matter that the company paying you for work at home is located in WI. You pay tax to the state you preformed the work in. You should able to go online to each state and get their forms form filing a part year return. Or, you may just go to a CPA and have them prepare the state returns for you.

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