PLEASE HELP? I don't understand how to simplify expressions with exponents and i need the answers by tomorrow?

PLEASE HELP? I don't understand how to simplify expressions with exponents and i need the answers by tomorrow? Topic: Algebra homework help step by step
June 19, 2019 / By Alven
Question: Im in 8th grade algebra, and i am clueless about my homework, as well as my parents. I have no idea how to do any of these problems! If you would be so kind to work out the problems in your answer & give me the answer that would be great! If not could you give me a site to find out how to do them? My teacher sleeps most of the day in our class & i just don't get it & she never explains...just gives us the work and tells us to do it! Thanks in advance(: Problems are: 1.(2c^3d)^3 2.-32a^2bc^5 ---------------- 40abc^2 3.(-3a^2b^5)^2
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Best Answers: PLEASE HELP? I don't understand how to simplify expressions with exponents and i need the answers by tomorrow?

Theresa Theresa | 2 days ago
Here's a site that takes you through the concepts step by step: http://www.algebrahelp.com/lessons/simpl... Post some of your examples here on Y!A – I'm sure people will give you some help. Good luck! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 1.(2c^3d)^3 That's (2c^3d)(2c^3d)(2c^3d) = 8c^9d^3 Just reviewing the components ... 2^3 = 8 (c^3)^3 = c^9 ... it's three times three d^3 = d^3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2.-32a^2bc^5 ---------------- 40abc^2 Dealing with the components one at a time: -32/40 = -4/5 a^2/a = a b/b ... cancels out c^5/c^2 = c^3 So (-32a^2bc^5) / (40abc^2) = (-4ac^3)/5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3.(-3a^2b^5)^2 That's (-3a^2b^5)(-3a^2b^5) = 9a^4b^10 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
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Rosanne Rosanne
1. 8c^9d^3 2. -4ac^3 --------- 5 3.9a^4b^10 Now for #1 you are raising the exponents to a power. When you raise exponents to a power you multiply each exponent by the exponent it is raised to. In this case, the exponents are raised to the 3rd power (number outside parentheses) so you multiply each exponent by 3. (c^3*^3 = c^9) (d^1*^3 = d^3). Also remember to multiply the exponent times the number in front. 2^1*^3 = 2^3 or 8. Then you put that altogether. (8c^9d^3) For # 2 you are dividing exponents. When you divide exponents you take their powers and subtract them. For regular numbers you just divide. (-32/40= -4/5) Since a^2 is on top, you would subtract a^1 from a^2 to get your answer. (a^2/a^1 is the same as a^2-^1= a^1 because you are subtracting the exponents. You repeat the same thing for the next two letters. (b^1-b^1= b^0 and b^0 = 1, and that does not have to be included because it is the same thing as multiplying the whole problem by 1. Complicated, I know.) (c^5-c^2= c^3 because 5-2=3.) Then you put it all together. The 5 stays on the bottom. For # 3 you are raising to a power again so do the problem like you would do # 1. -3^1*^2= 9 because -3*-3= 9. a^2*a^2= a^4 and b^5*b^2= b^10. Put that all together and you get 9a^4b^10. Hope I helped! If you need additional help, go to the source below.
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Moyna Moyna
Well, you need to understand the properties of exponents first. I'll walk you through the problems. 1. Here, you need the "Power of a power" property. It says that if you want to put (x^a)^b, it's the same thing as x^(ab). So here, you can use that, and get 2c^9d. Voila! 2. Well, this problem would be a lot clearer if we could actually write it instead of using all these symbols. However, I'll try... Let's separate all the parts: (-1)(32)(a)(a)(b)(c)(c)(c)(c)(c) _______________________ (40)(a)(b)(c)(c) Now all you have to do is cancel out and simplify. First do the variables. (-1)(32)(a)(c)(c)(c) _______________________ (40) Now for the numbers (-4)accc _______ 5 Now we can actually write it with exponents. -4ac^3 ______ 5 3. Well, for this you need "Power of a Product". This states that when you have (ab)^x, it's really a^x, b^x, and you can use it opposite-ly too. Now you can separate that into (-1)^2 (3)^2 (a^2)^2 (b^5)^2 Evaluate 1*9* (a^2)^2 (b^5)^2 Power of a Power! 9 a^4 b^10 And that's it. For the second problem, I wouldn't do it that way in real life, but since I have to type that, that's the best way I could show it. Good luck in algebra! Try using a textbook if you can, especially to prepare for tests.
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Logan Logan
I'm not perfect at it but I can help! (I'm in eighth too and am in Algebra 2). Email me here at yahoo for with more specifc questions =)
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Karon Karon
http://www.purplemath.com/modules/simpexpo.htm i think can be a starting tutorial im a sophomore in high school and have gone through that i can help you...u can also go to youtube and find many tutorials on math and whichever topic u choose good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good, I'm not alone. I read your examples and thought them good. If they have any weakness it is in finding/creating a common denominator (lcd). Perhaps it's assumed here because it's covered fully at an earlier time. If not, I would definitely put this step in, with explanations of the what and how. One other point, and I'm not sure how you can do it, but somewhere it would be good to explain how fractions are to be presented. An endless problem I note is difficulty in reading fractions as written with a keyboard. When I see 2/3x am I reading two over 3x or two-thirds x. But perhaps that's for a later book. :) All in all, very good--very impressive. I liked the section (involving absolutes) listed as 'problems requiring critical thinking'.

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