Should I file charges on my unborn babys father?

Should I file charges on my unborn babys father? Topic: How to write a letter from landlord
July 17, 2019 / By Cletis
Question: My unborn babys father comes to my home drunk regularly in the past year and had strangled me a couple times in the last 3 months and forces sex me without my willingness. Recently I found him writing this love letter to his highschool sweet heart while being unfaithful with somebody else. I fear he gives me diseases and harm to my baby. I had 2 urinary track infections w a kidney infection the first time both during the pregnancy. He comes to my house sporadically in the middle of the night or when the day is mostly gone. I put the relationship behind and had filed 2 reports on strangulation during my pregnancy. In the last report I stated the that force of sex was involved. The police came to my door and reinforced that he did for sex and ask if I am pressing charge on this. I am in the process of obtaining an order of protection from family court. I am a person fond of peace of mind but undoubtful search for justice. Being that he IS the father of my first child I feel unease to put him in jail. Therapy tells me that domestic violence esculates during pregnancy like this was all no big deal. I asked the landlord to change the front door lock as he has the key and even bought the lock but he IS jot in action to change it yet since I told him 2 weeks ago and Im in anxiety at night. Tempting to change the lock on my own and just give the keys to my not so friendly neighbors who is thrown off by my domestic violent incidents. 6-1/2 m pregnant, Im at the verge of emotional breakdown. What is your take on all this? Feel free to answer. Please be respectful.
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Ananiah Ananiah | 5 days ago
When therapy tells you that domestic violence escalates during pregnancy, your therapist is NOT trying to tell you it's no big deal. Quite the contrary, it means it is a HUGE deal, it means you should not expect it to magically get better, and it means you need to do whatever you need to do to protect yourself and your child. Ask yourself this question: what's better for your child? To have its sperm donor (this is NOT a 'father') in jail? Or to be harmed or even killed by its so-called father when he once again cuts of its oxygen supply by strangling its mother? Or if your child survives this pregnancy in spite of the abuse, what would be better? To have a so-called father in jail, or to witness that guy raping mommy? And that is just in the very unlikely case he won't abuse your child as well. Having daddy thrown in jail or getting beat up by daddy? What do you think your child will prefer? Protect your child. Press charges today. And get out of that house to a safe place (ask the police about shelters if you have nowhere else to go) until you can be sure that your abuser can't get in any time he wants to. If at all possible, move away altogether. You need to get your priorities straight. You found him writing a love letter to his highschool sweetheart? So what? Who CARES how many love letters your rapist who endangers your life and the life of your child writes and to whom?
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Ananiah Originally Answered: Can i change my babys last name even though his real father has no legal status?
So because your name was the same as your ex husbands at the time of your son's birth your son ended up with your/your ex's name. I gleaned from that lengthy description that you want the child to have the name of his father. When in court take evidence that he is the biological father and ask that the name be changed. Follow the directions the legal advice gives you on achieving your desired outcome. You really are at the mercy of the laws and legal procedures. Get good legal advice and follow it.

Topsy Topsy
This can't be happening around your child. I would totally press charges. Don't hold back because he could actually end up killing you or the baby. Usually abusive people end up snapping really bad down the road and end up killing someone(even if its a so called"accident"). Please don't keep stalling about this. You need to get out of where you are considering he knows where you are and has a key. Your best bet is to take off somewhere where he would never find you. Change your name if you had too. His fooling around is putting you and the baby at risk for being sick/hurt. Forcing sex on you is considered Rape.. You are being raped by a man you so call "love or loved". I see this time and time again. Your better then him.
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Ryanne Ryanne
All the above, this so called father has no respect for you or you being pregnant you need somewhere to move untill father pulls his head in no life for yourself and baby court orders , door locks,do very little when you have a mad man. Keep safe.
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Nena Nena
When you find yourself residence, prop a wood chair up beneath the door knob, so the door cannot be opened, even with a key. For those who shouldn't have a chair as a way to work, verify a dwelling development retailer for a metal pole designed to do the same job - They do work. Then, if he tries to kick his approach in, you may have time to call the cops & file a burgulary in development. Also, don't be afraid to ask a blood relative for aid, particularly a enormous nasty older brother or such. I've slept on a sofa ready for a stalker to try & enter for considered one of my daughters, & held him even as the police officers came. I have no suggestion how he fell down the steps, tho .....
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Nena Originally Answered: I put child support on my babys father but we solve problems and we moved in together can child s be taken off?
Leave it alone. He will be taken out of his check and send to you. Use it on your child, Open a separate savings account in your name only and put some towards the child's education. It is your job to protect the child's interest - NO MATTER WHAT.

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