Barack Obama being president?

Barack Obama being president? Topic: President writing paper
June 20, 2019 / By Austin
Question: well for history this is what we have to wriite about I know what to write but i need more ideas so please help me out =] Obama being president: -what does this mean to you? -what impact will he make on America? i am an obama supporter so if your not gonna help out dont write anything ! obama 08'
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Viola Viola | 8 days ago
It means that we as Americans have finally learned to accept a person based on their character, rather than the color of their skin. He will help us earn back the respect we've lost all over the world, by the ignorant policies of the Bush Administration. Good luck with your paper and don't listen to the negativity; they're ignorant also.
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Viola Originally Answered: What's your opinion on president barack obama?
I think that Obama will have a tough time digging us out of the economic mess that we are in right now. It would not surprise me if he turned out to be a one term president because things are sure to get worse before they get better. Many people think that Obama is too far to the left. I agree that he is very far to the left, but right now I think we need far-left policies to balance out the far-right policies that we have endured for the past 20 years. I say 20 years because even though Clinton was President for 8 of those years, he put many policies in place that supported big business (credit card companies, mortage companies, stripped away bankruptcy laws, etc). I think that Obama is charismatic enough that people will be swayed a lot by what he says and how he says it and might not notice some of his failures along the way. Racially, speaking, many people wonder if African Americans are feeling more hopeful because he will be the first African American President. I think that different generations of blacks have different feelings about that, so I will give you several examples from my family. My mother is in her mid-80's. She likes the idea of him being President, but is afraid that "they" might kill him. When I asked her how it would feel to have a black president, she said "Let's just wait and see what happens." So part of her can't even wrap her brain about it yet. My attitude (I'm mid 50's) is that African Americans can't expect too much from him because he has to answer to a whole lot of other people. Not only that, he is only one part of the the Three Branches of power (He is the Executive branch, which does hold a lot of power, but he still has to go through Congress and the Supreme Court). Therefore, he is limited in what he can do. (I think that Bush assumed some power that he really didn't have under the guise of war power, but that's another issue). I also think that racism will be as prevalent as it always has been. My daughters think that having an African American President signals a new awakening in the country. They believe that his election is proof that people don't look at race so much anymore. My grandkids (the younger ones) don't see why his winning the election is such a big deal. He's cool. He's smart. So what? Hope that helps. Good luck with your project. I

Shanene Shanene
-It means a lot. He's the first president that is the same color as me. That lets many of us know that there's some hope after all in America. Also, he's a SMART, well spoken man. -Our reputation abroad will be restored. He will make the economy a fairer playing ground for the little guys and hopefully make moves to get us out of Iraq.
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Opal Opal
that if i need rain for my garden,obama will make it rain.that there will be no more wars,killers around the world will lay down their arms.people in the world will litter no more.the world will sing in perfect harmoney.i wont have to worry about buying gas or worry about my mortage.all the wrongs of the world will be made right.
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Magnolia Magnolia
it means that the majority of americans are selfish and lazy because they don't want to work harder and become "rich" and would rather have the government take care of them at other people's expense. as far as the impact on america, there is likely to be another horrible terrorist attack, morals and values will likely cease to exist, the economy will die, along with many other bad things that we cannot forsee. but nothing good.
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Magnolia Originally Answered: If Barack Obama was the worst president in history, then explain Jimmy Carter?
You have asked a question in regards to historical events, and have pointed out wars the US was involved with. The most unfortunate portion of history is the public school system that indoctrinates young minds to a new age version of our nation's past. I for one am very angry at the public schools, it has taken 40 some years to relearn the true facts... and I am still learning. There is so much here, but I can not take the effort today to write a thesis, particularly when it would change nothing at all. However in regards to Jimmy Carter. Baseline answer: He was an absolute dolt. Carter beat out Pres. Ford by a thread. Pres. Ford was very good, but he came in on the coat tails of Nixon's Watergate... You should know about the pardon. Two things come to mind with carter... He mandated all thermostats to be set at 68 degrees for heating and 78 degrees for cooling. There were many many people very angry about not being comfortable, this is America and NOT some 3rd world country. The other thing was he has set the national speed limit at 55mph, which stay there for years. By the numbers Carter was correct, less accidents and fuel conservation. But................ The people really hated that as well. Carter played games with people's comfort and their driving, both of which was stupid. .

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