To all of you who are either from or have been to oregon, what are some fun things to do there?

To all of you who are either from or have been to oregon, what are some fun things to do there? Topic: Replica research
June 20, 2019 / By Azal
Question: In July my family and I are vacationing to Oregon for a week, and I've been doing some research but I haven't really found anything particularly unique or fun to do. I think we're going to be touring the Portland/Corvallis area..near there. Also, I'm flying from the south, so can I expect rather warm weather there? Thanks for your help!
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Best Answers: To all of you who are either from or have been to oregon, what are some fun things to do there?

Wanda Wanda | 8 days ago
Oregon weather in July will be warm, but nothing like the south. It will be a welcome respite from extreme heat and humidity (what south?). Anyway, the temperatures will be ideal as long as it is sunny. Portland and Corvalis are not necessarily close to each other. It has been 5 years since I have been, and I don't exactly remember, but they are either 2.5 or 3.5 hours apart. 1 hour from Corvalis is Newport Beach, OR, which is one of my favorite beaches. It was even named #6 of the nation's top ten beaches on AOL last year, so visit before it is ruined by development. The water is too cold to swim, but the beach is wonderful for walking. Numerous and very colorful tidepools. The cold water is very clear and the constant water temperature year round allows tidepools to form. 1 hour from Portland is Seaside, OR. Also a beach, but more for the younger populace. Carnival rides and games, etc. The beach here is much larger than Newport, and more crowded. South from Corvalis is the Oregon Vortex. This made the Travel Channels top ten mysterious destinations, but I don't remember the number. My husband and I went 10 years ago, saw it on billboards when driving around. It makes for some GREAT pictures, but that's all I will tell you. Can't ruin the mystery ;-) In the Portland area is the Columbia River Gorge. This is stunning. Great for hiking. Even a day drive through to see all the magnificent waterfalls, including the much photographed Multnomah Falls. The CRG road was cut by a man named Sam Hill, and look into him. If you ever wondered where the saying "What in the Sam Hill are you doing?" came from, visit the Gorge. He built some crazy stuff, including an exact, to-scale, replica of Stonehenge. Trust me, you'll find things to do. ENJOY!!! Oregon is wonderful.
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Shantel Shantel
Portland is same as any other city you would see in the west coast. The weather in Portland area is usually cloudy/sunny and can rain just like it would in Seattle. Sites to see: 1. Driving on i84 through the columbia River Gorge. Breathtaking Scenery. Multonomah Falls. Bonneville Dam 2. Mt.Hood http://www.traveloregon.com/Explore-Oreg... 3. Crater lake is in Southern Oregon. http://www.traveloregon.com/Explore-Oreg... 4. Portland area Attractions: check out the Saturday market. You might find something at dirt cheap price. http://www.oregon.com/attractions/metrop... 5. of course the coastal beaches. and Tillamook Cheese Factory. I hope this helps. Have fun.
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Orianne Orianne
Unfortunately,Portand and Corvallis reflect a couple of the liberal areas of Oregon. I would go over to the coast and enjoy it over there. Also, Southern Oregon is a great area.
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