On a break, its been 3 weeks?

On a break, its been 3 weeks? Topic: Fun facts about homework
June 19, 2019 / By Dominique
Question: we dated for 5 years. we are 28 years old. she loves me but dosnt think we are in love. She just wants more and feels like we might not be meant for each other since that passion isnt there anymore. She believes it should be easy and we should just want to do things and want each other normally. But dont these things take a little work? She quit trying last few months and i thought she was just in a funk and would come out of it so I stood by her. She is working full time, and going back to school full time, I hardly see her during the week. She feels like she lost all her friends but they are all married now anyways. We have tons of fun together and just being together made us happy besides when we fought about small things. Neither of us communicated, talked or tryed to figure out a way to get things back on track. We just took a back seat and waited for the other person to do something. But she just quit on me and it hurts. She keeps saying she dosnt know what her heart feels. And she really has no time for US along with homework, school, working, etc. I suggested her moving in with me, something my family would hate, but it would give us a chance to see each other more, talk more, etc. Im ready to try, communicate, get things back on track. I know deep down that i love her, i never quit on her, its just tough hearing i might not be the one for her. well the last 5 months havnt been good and we both know that. she needs time but its impossible to just ignore her. dont want to lose her. anyone ever go on a break before? Its been 3 weeks and I made it to about 2.5 without talking to her. I emailed her saying I wanted to see her and ive and we have done alot of things wrong but we have a solid base of love for each other to build on. Dont know if i should just keep ignoring her or what?
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Carrie Carrie | 2 days ago
Ok, at 28 there is no such things as being on a "break". Either you are dating, or you are not. Be that as it may, it doesn't sound like she's really into the relationship and has decided to step back and sort things out in her head. You my friend are making a MASSIVE mistake by constantly calling, texting, emailing her, trying to get back together or attempting to do things to cause her to open up and talk things out with you. She needs space. As long as you are being all clingy like a little lost puppy she is not getting the space she needs and in fact your driving her away farther by doing all this stuff. Give her space. If she wants to contact you then it's up to her. You shouldn't be talking, texting, emailing her, NOTHING!!!! You are not helping the decision by constantly being there when she herself doesn't know what she wants. Give her space. This also includes not calling her in order to tell her you are giving her space. Back OFF!!, or you will lose her for good. Once you've done that, and if she doesn't contact you, then you can probably call it officially over after about a month. Geeze, you are completely suffocating her in your own neediness and insecurity of fear of losing her.
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A two-week notice is just a courtesy. There is nothing by law that says that you must give the notice. Besides, many employers (depending on your position) will accept your notice immediately depending on the sensitivity. I wouldn't call, or e-mail. Save it until tomorrow. If you have the same problem tomorrow, then I would call and find out when you would be able to have some face-to-face time. One day should not make a difference.
Carrie Originally Answered: Two weeks' notice?
2 weeks notice is just a courtesy to your present employer, most likely when you give them notice they will let you leave immediatley. I would wait and do it in person. You will not burn any bridges, and who knows you might just get a vacation for a couple of weeks. I would do it in person.

Angell Angell
I see the signs of a girl that dumped you but just didnt have the balls to do it right. She got distant and intolerant of you. These are often signs of a cheater. You may want to look into things and see what she is up to. I bet she has a new bo and will not be coming back. Sorry about the harsh words. Much luck to you.
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Willie Willie
If you like it then you better put a ring on it. 5 years is a long time to keep her waiting. I think she is just trying to distance herself from what she is starting to see as a dead-end relationship.
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