If the husband was miserable with his wife?

If the husband was miserable with his wife? Topic: Husband write letter to wife
July 18, 2019 / By Alix
Question: If the husband wasn't happy in his marriage and went on cheat with a woman he thinks she's perfect drama free , so much fun , positive and happy . Would he be loyal to this woman or he would do the same like what he did with his wife ? Me and my husband was fighting most of the time and I can tell we could t get along he was working so much barely had time for me he wasn't making me secure so that effected me a lot . Until he met this woman he brought her home while I was away for couple months had sex with her on my bed he made her stay in my house he was treating her as she was the wife . I didn't know about it until I came home one day whiteout him knowing to see everything . I know every man wants peace in his house but why wasn't he honest with me why did he insist on hurting me like that ? She' seemed like she's so in love with him and so happy . Is aw the letter she wrote him she s already taking about kids and family
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Uriah Uriah | 3 days ago
He is a cheater and a liar and yes he will do it to her also. Everyone is sexy, amazing and fun at the start of the relationship then things change. You may feel hurt right now and I'm sorry for that but you will be better off in the long run without this man! Don't you want better? Think of it as a blessing, thats her problem now! Love and loyalty will come your way, It's out there waiting for you in 2014! Cheers!! :)
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Uriah Originally Answered: How did your husband/wife propose to you?
My brother worked with 'this guy' and he happened to notice me when I was bringing my bro lunch. From that day on for a while 'the guy' would bug my brother mercilessly saying I'm gonna you-know-what your sister, get me a date with her etc etc. Finally 'the guy' had to call my brother to come in for a shift and I happened to answer the phone. He says to me "so your the hot sister" I responded with I guess so and passed the phone to my brother, well that wasn't enough for 'the guy' he needed to talk to me again so he asked me out. It was a blind date for me, I didn't really remember seeing him or anything and while I was finishing up getting ready he showed up and my parents got to meet him first. When I finally came down the hall to the livingroom there sat this amazingly cute guy (though he seemed to need some wardrobe guidance as he was wearing a turtleneck tucked into his pants! Um no no no!) Half way through the night I made him untuck it and it looked a bit better. After 4 days of dates I finally planted a kiss on him while we were out playing pool, he was surprised to say the least but he kissed back very enthousiastically. The next night we didn't get to hang out but we spent several hours on the phone when it just became too much and I told him that I didn't want to scare him off but I felt like I loved him and he said that he felt the same way but was scared to say it. From then on we've been practically inseperable. All this happened when we were 19. 6 years later he proposed, I kind of knew it was coming because we had talked about it at length but even though I knew it would happen it was still pretty exciting when he got down on one knee at an indoor garden, surrounded by fragrant flowers and proposed. He didn't have a ton of money so we proposed with a silver ring with my favorite gem stone in it. On our 7th year of dating/being together he took me out for dinner and put a real ring in my drink when I wasn't looking. It didn't sink to the bottom so I immediately saw it and in my attempt to retrieve it I managed to push it to the bottom of the glass. I drank that mojito faster than I ever have just to get to it. I was thrilled. We married on our 8th year together (to the date) in Las Vegas at Ceasars Palace, the whole thing was absolutely perfect. We will have been married a year this November and we're planning a trip back to Vegas in honor of the occassion. I can honestly say we are both incredibly happy and look forward to a long and joyful life together. (EDIT: how is it that someone would give thumbs down to these answers - the real ones at least. Someone must be feeling jealous or something...) (EDIT2: OK people, here's the thing, HE said 'I'm gonna you-know-what your sister' to my brother, never ever did he say that to me, it was his way of bugging my brother and I didn't know about it until much later. Take a deep breath ok!)
Uriah Originally Answered: How did your husband/wife propose to you?
We went away for a luxury weekend on the first anniversary of our relationship It was my Christmas present to him. He did not know where and he loved the place (A castle/hotel) The next morning was to be our one year celebration and I had ordered breakfast exactely at the time we'd kissed the first time (at the airport as I had flown around the world to be with him) With the breakfast I had arranged the most amazing long stemmed red rose. He was so impressed and happy already The I handed him my letter Written by hand on handmade paper. It was a love letter finishing with Will you marry me. Tears were streaming from his eyes as he said. Oh girl you do move fast and you do love taking control and I never thought I'd ever marry but the answer is yes as I think you are the one for me. And then he held me and said that he would be honoured to marry me.
Uriah Originally Answered: How did your husband/wife propose to you?
We had a tentative wedding date, so I knew he had to propose soon. So, one evening we went to a bluff by Lake Michigan (previously deemed "our spot") and had a romantic picnic. The sun went down and he got up saying he wanted a hug so I got up and he hugged me and reached for the ring in his pocket, he knelt down and said that he loved me and asked me to marry him. And it was about the time when the moon was rising over the lake and it was red, which is fate because we had watched a red moon rise over the lake at this spot one of the first times we went there, he wrote a song about me a long time ago that mentioned the red moon in it, and I painted a picture of the lake and red moon that hangs in our bedroom before he proposed as well. So, it was awesome!

Rod Rod
If he wan't making YOU happy, then trust me, he isn't making HER happy, either! He's just a loser... Move on.
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Rod Originally Answered: What would you do if your husband (or wife) refuses to do anything you like to do?
I think your husband is just thinking about his own interests and not yours. He is selfish in that area because he doesn't want to do the things you would like him to do with you. You both have different interests, but the ones you like, he doesn't like. You probably have been going with the flow by doing what he likes to do but you haven't really made it a big deal until now. And he figured since you did all those things with him, you didn't have any problems. He just doesn't see that it is a problem to you with him not wanting to do what you would like to do. So, if he doesn't want to do those things that you would like to do like go for a walk, go to the gym, or watch a pay per view movie, then you go ahead and do those things without him. If he wants you do go where he wants to go, just tell him no or yes, only if you really want to go. I really think the real issue here is wanting to spend time 'together' with 'each other'. Now, if you tell him that, then hopefully maybe he will consider. If not, then you got yourself a 'selfish' husband. It could also be the way you two talk to each other. Do you talk with Respect? You must talk about this to him all the time because he said, "There you go, starting a fight....." He probably said that to you because maybe he thinks you are nagging at him again. Or, does he always get that way? If you keep telling him or complaining to him about this issue, then he will never do anything with you. So, just do those things without him. Soon, when he sees that you are having a good time taking your walks, going to the gym, or watching a good movie, hopefully he will realize that he is missing out on things, especially being with you. Don't make it a big deal if he doesn't want to go, but he shouldn't make it a big deal if you don't want to do the things he wants to do. I only know your side of the story, but it does take two to tangle. Immaturity is one of the problems. Not sure how long you two have been married, but I would consider you reading 'The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage' and 'The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.' Remember, you can't make someone do something if they don't want to do it. If you have someone who is considerate and is being sensitive to your needs, then that person respects you. There is should always be Respect, Love, and Appreciation in a marriage. If you don't have those three, then expect some problems ahead. Okay, I just read what you last posted. Does he make you do what he wants you to do with him? Because if that's the case here, then you have yourself a controlling husband. When you say, "He expects me to spend my free time with him doing what he wants" he is not making you, so you do have a choice to make. Either do what he would like you to do with him, or don't do those things with him. If you don't want to do them, then don't do them. Plain and simple. He needs to understand that you have interests too and there are things that you would like to do. If he is not getting it still, then I really believe that you two were not so compatible after all. I mean, what got you two interested in each other in the first place??
Rod Originally Answered: What would you do if your husband (or wife) refuses to do anything you like to do?
Wow ! This sounds familiar to me. Unfortunately we did not have happy ending. Today is different. My girlfriend and I can't stand to be apart. We have been together for 6 years and what works for us is communication and sacrifice. We share our time together and always discuss what we can do next. We do not listen to the same music but we both like dogs. I can't dance but we still go out dancing. I guess to answer your question I would have to say that I would do some serious thinking about what makes me happy and complete. The hardest choices give the best results in life and life unhappy is no life at all.

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