History 101, which is better?

History 101, which is better? Topic: Egyptian writing paper
June 26, 2019 / By Carran
Question: is it better to write a paper comparing and contrasting the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations or the Greek and roman civilizations? i need to know which will allow me to conjure up more information for a western civ paper! the paper has to be 5 to 7 pages!
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Allerick Allerick | 10 days ago
I think it would be better (easier) to compare and contrast Greek vs. Roman, at least when it comes to getting plenty of information. However, it might be graded a bit easier if you write it on Mesopotamian vs. Egyptian since that is bound to be the less popular choice. You should be able to get plenty of information on either; they are both good topics. You should choose based on what you're more interested in.
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Just input each of the questions into google...one at a time. You will find your answers. We are not doing homework in here.

Taylor Taylor
The former rather than the latter. The two earlier civilizations were both much smaller and less complex. And their economies were basically a simple agrarianism, as opposed to the Greek and Roman which were based on a much larger land and water base economy where trade, medals and conquest were more the norm than not. Wotan
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Moll Moll
The Greeks and Romans are more well known. it will be easy to find information on their civilizations. for one, you know that the Greeks were the ones who gave the Romans a lot of ideas to their civilizations...
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Linnet Linnet
What interests you? M and E are more different from each other. Rome mostly adopted and bastardized Greek culture. So they are very similar. Either one should have mountains of information in a typical high school or college library.
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Sigh -- please refrain from cutting and pasting YOUR homework for US to do. That's not the purpose of this site -- rather an abuse of it! I'm sure all of these answers are in your textbooks and/or class notes. If not, this site will HELP you. http://www.ushistory.org/us/index.asp AFTER you've done YOUR work, I'm positive someone will correct it for you. THAT is HELP. (But don't worry -- always an enabler or two up here to do it for you. But beware -- you never know when some "misinformation" may slip in.)

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