Is there any point to life without sex or relationships?

Is there any point to life without sex or relationships? Topic: Friends and relationship essay ideas
July 17, 2019 / By Ethelinda
Question: I'm not looking for sympathy, and I don't want any empty promises or platitudes like "Your time will come" or "there's a girl out there for you" from people that have no evidence or reason backing it, and which only create false hope. I've given up on the idea of ever having a girlfriend or having sex (at least without having to pay for it). I know for a fact that girls think I'm ugly and I know that I have no personality or anything else to offer anyone. I'm 22 and I've lost all hope and feel I don't have any energy left and life is meaningless. I can't eat and don't see the point in doing anything. I have to write 3500 words of an essay tonight and I just can't be motivated to do it. Has anyone lived a fulfilling or satisfying or beautiful life without sex & relationships? Not including religious people. I think religion is ridiculous. No. I didn't mean no religious answers. I meant no examples of religious virgins, eg. Mother Theresa. Sorry if I was unclear. *answerers
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Claudia Claudia | 5 days ago
Why not? It's 2011 and you're an independent woman. You can do whatever you want. I absolutely believe it's possible tp be happy without a relationship. However, I don't think you have to necessarily abstain forever. You could meet a perfect guy at a random moment and just because you aren't looking doesn't mean you shouldn't take that opportunity.
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Claudia Originally Answered: Order of Importance of the relationships in your life?
I don't really think you can choose between kids/husband/wife - They are both your immediate concern & love to whom you have responsibilities. But all these groups are family you love them all, differently but equally - sometimes your attention must be given to the immediate ones to whom you owe the strongest responsibility. Love is not a limited thing, there is always enough to go around. Time is limited however and you have to choose at times which you spend most of your time on but that doesn't mean you love anyone less.

Becci Becci
yes. i am living a GREAT life without a bf or any sex because i have the best family and friends. don't let this bother you. it's just your harmones playing with your brain. There is sooooo much to life than just sex. And.. plzzz dont call yourself ugly. NO ONE is ugly. If you really want a girl why dont you go out more. Join a dating site, talk to girls confidently and be very nice. Honestly if i can find a guy that treats me nice,sweet and has a great personality i dont give shitee how he looks like. And as for the religion part, i really think you should connect with God. Trust me a girl connot make your life perfect..being connected with God will!!! Oh and please go write that essay!!!
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Adene Adene
Wow you are just like me but older.I'm 20 and I have never had a girlfriend or a single relationship.I'm losing hope myself I mean it feels like you can't get a girl to see you for who you are and can't get them interested and end up in the "friend zone".I hate it too man but one thing I do know and it rings in my head all of the time,For every guy like you or me they turn down that's just another guy that will do well for himself and find someone better.I think for every girl that rejects us there might be a possibility that the girl we eventually find (if it ever happens) will be more attractive and be way better than them and they will feel horrible when they see the guy they turned down on top of the world.I know guys like us will make it.I admit I don't think I'm ugly and I have never been told that,I've been called the nice guy all of my teen years, I was active in music and basketball and I made my way to college and plan on making something even greater out of myself and they haven't seen me yet. I wish you good luck on making your way to the top as I make my way there also.
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Temani Temani
I have never been in a relationship, and probably never will be. I am not suggesting that life style, but you make the choice to do what you think is best, and what you think you will be happy with. Taking time off from browsing the market is good if you want to put things together.
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Temani Originally Answered: Do you think that our parents will be the role models for our relationships later on in life?
If the mother or the father are not there yes someone takes their role in the childhood (there is no escape) and we will look for those who are like them. If they are abusive, then we will look for partners who abuse us and we will enjoy it as long as we are unaware of the whole unconscious play of the past. The more we become aware of it, the less we relive it. The more we know who they are and why we cling to them, the more we gain insights into our projections and the more we get freed from the baits of the past. Because we are still not freed from the web of the oedipal relationship, we tend to repeat it and replay it, and will tend to replay the same attitudes and problems we could not solve in the past. I lost my mother early in my childhood. And both my sisters were somehow strong. My elder sister was caring but can be cruel when she wants. She died also when I was 8 years old. My other sister was less smart, more aggressive, and more abusive. So you can imagine the mixture of the image i have in my unconscious mind about the girl i am waiting for, or the ones i am attracted to (funny thing is that I could make a comparison between my sisters and the girls for whom I had strong feelings untill now; and the results were shocking) The intersting thing is the way I act with them; it is so similar to the way i used to cling to my sisters when i was a child, or the way I fought with them, or praised them, flatter them ..etc etc.. I even can not help seeing the present in the same eye of the past, which makes me living in almost a world of illusions. In addition to this, my fragmented role model of the mother adds to my ambivalence I suppose.

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