Ideas for a History project? Easy points?

Ideas for a History project? Easy points? Topic: Medieval times writing paper
June 20, 2019 / By Christian
Question: In world history, we're doing a project that involves a 5 page paper, and something we have to construct. (For example, Stonehenge I'd write a paper and have to bring in a model of Stonehenge) I'm having trouble thinking of something I can do that I would enjoy. My favorite time periods are the Medieval/Renaissance periods. Is there something you recommend that would be fun to write a paper about and make a model of? I don't care if it's like a place, or an event.
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Ambrose Ambrose | 6 days ago
There are a ton of different things you could choose from. I've thought of a few though I'm not sure if you'd be interested. - War of the Roses e.g. the end of it like the Battle of Bosworth in which Richard III was killed and Henry Tudor became king - Shakespeare's Globe- you could explore how and when it was made, what happened there and of course the significance of Shakespeare himself - Elizabethan fashion/Tudor fashion/any other kind of fashions present in this period if clothing and beauty interests you - The Black Death - daily life of medieval peasants- you could build a house out of similar materials they would have used (e.g. what they called "wattle and daub"). You could always contrast peasant houses with those of the overlord's, too, I suppose. - The Tower of London- there are lots of gruesome and grisly events that took place here. For instance, you could go into the Princes in the Tower mystery or the Storming of the Tower of London that occurred towards the end of the 1381 Peasant's Revolt - the establishment of the Church of England by Henry VIII- for this you could explore the Dissolution of the Monastaries and build a ruined abbey, like Fountain's Abbey I hope this helps and good luck :)
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