How should I end my essay?

How should I end my essay? Topic: Hero essays
June 20, 2019 / By Codie
Question: my essay topic is: Scientists and Artists should be today's heroes, not Movie Stars and Singers. I am agreeing with the topic, what would be a good way to end it? any idea's?? :) x x
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Originally Answered: Since English is my second language,can anyone edit this essay for me ASAP, this is a very important essay,?
First brainstorm what you know about china, india how they shape the world and buddhism. Remember first paragraph is introducing then body paragraph must have an example another words transition words like furthermore, next, Also, first, second, in addition etc.
Originally Answered: Since English is my second language,can anyone edit this essay for me ASAP, this is a very important essay,?
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