My son has pressed a button on my p.c and the writing has turned realy tiny?

My son has pressed a button on my p.c and the writing has turned realy tiny? Topic: How to write a check with change
June 26, 2019 / By Kristine
Question: How do i change this back to normal?, as im writing this its in really small font. Hope you can help cos im terrible with computers.
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Best Answers: My son has pressed a button on my p.c and the writing has turned realy tiny?

Jeanine Jeanine | 1 day ago
Check the bottom right of your internet browser. There should be a magnifying glass with a plus inside, and a percentage next to it. If you click the arrow next to it, a drop down menu will show and you can select which zoom level you'd like. He might've set it to 50%. I don't think it goes any smaller than that. If that doesn't work, minimize everything so you can see your desktop. Right click on the desktop where there are no icons and a small list will pop up. Select "Properties" and another window will pop up. If you go to the "Settings" tab, you can change the Screen resolution. (Its a little arrow you can drag back and forth to make everything larger or smaller on your screen). I'm not sure what type of computer you have, so this answer, might not work for you, or vary slightly. Sorry if I went into toooo much detail. I usually have to explain things to my mom who has absolutely no idea how to use a computer. So I figured it'd be easy to assume you knew just as much as she. If you're still having problems, feel free to IM me!
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Farrah Farrah
He ether changed the font size, in which case you need to highlight all your work and change the number by the font type. Be default this is around 11. Or it changed the zoom, which as the zoom bar on the bottom right corner or on the view section. This was made on office 2007, if you are using a different word processor the exact instructions may be different, but should be similar.
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Cordelia Cordelia
Open internet explorer (double click on the icon which you use to check and write mails or surf internet) ,now you will see a menu bar which has options like file, edit, view, favorites, tools and help. Click on the option View and under that click on Text size. In text size select medium. (View -> Text Size -> Medium). Hope this will solve your problem. If even the icons are tiny then, once you switch on your computer right click in the middle of the screen and select properties. Now in the window that has opened select the Tab 'settings', in settings change the screen resolution to the desired level and click apply and then ok.
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Bessie Bessie
Try system restore ! Go to start >> all programs >> accessories >> system tools >> system restore then pick a point when you computer is in normal state, the click " restore "
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Afrikah Afrikah
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