I want to start a home based business. I need suggestions?

I want to start a home based business. I need suggestions? Topic: Marketing business plan ideas
June 19, 2019 / By Conor
Question: I want to charge a small fee for scheduling services for small local businesses. I am in a resort area. I can charge fee for selling gift basket deliveries to cabins or other stuff like dinners, massages, etc. I need ligitamate & legal service ideas. Can anyone help. I'm a single mom wanting to support my kids. I don't want to get rich quick or be overrun with junk mail!
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Best Answers: I want to start a home based business. I need suggestions?

Arnie Arnie | 4 days ago
You already have a business idea or two, the rest remains in getting people to know about it. Design, or get someone to design business your card which you will hand out to people you know and don't know (yet). Figure out the marketing plan: who, what where and how of the business. This will help determine the best place to spread the word. A free website (geocities, etc.) would be nice too, so people could see pictures of your product. Gift baskets are a very visual item that customers will need to first see, or have a close-enough idea of what they're getting. People could check out a website 24/7 and get your contact info, as well as send it to their friends, while you are handing out your card. (which reminds me, put the website info on your card by your email and phone number). Whether you offer clerical services to resort customers, cook them dinner, or sell them massages, the above strategy should be a pretty good place to start. Best of Luck.
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Arnie Originally Answered: I'm looking into a home based business thats legal with low start up cost. Any ideas?
I don't know what you like to do, so I can only tell you what my husband and I started over six years ago and point you out to some others to take a look at that I know are really good. Ours well supports our family as well as a major funding source for our non-profit organization that we started up a while back with part of the income we earned. As well as it's a funding source for other non-profit organizations. Anyhow, we got involved in the telecommunications industry. With a world wide company that's over 15 years old. We've been featured in several magazines like USA Today, Success, Fortune etc. Inc 500 rated us the 22nd fastest growing company. They offer services that people use every day and pay for anyway, but now they can have a lower cost. Services such as local and long distance phones, Internet, digital phones, video phones (you can see the person your taking to live)VOIP, Satallite tv, and all the major cellular phone companies like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltell, Nextell etc. have partnered up with them too. How many people do you know, or know of, that uses or has one or more of these services? How would you feel if you could save people money on services that they're most likely already using, if not you can offer them the service, and everytime they pay their bills each month, you make a percentage off these bills every single month. Huge income opportunity. It's incredible how much money is involved in this industry. If you'd like more information feel free to email me and I'll be happy to pass it along to you. I also created a blog on my 360 page on home based business's. There's over half a dozen different ones to take a look at. Your more then welcome to browse through them. If you find one that's interesting, contact the person who wrote it and they can point you out in the right direction. Tiffany

Ulrica Ulrica
I have an online/offline retail business. We sell hundreds of products and also have many well-know partner stores including Barnes and Noble, Sony Music, Office Max, Eddie Bauer and more. My website is: www.jewel.mychoices.biz Check it out and if you are interested in a franchise we can discuss it further. There is a link on the top of the page you can use to contact me or you may send me an email if you prefer. All the best.
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Sarahjeanne Sarahjeanne
I have two home based businesses - both network marketing companies. My primary business is Isagenix, an all natural health and wellness company. Watch our business opportunity video here: http://www.isagenixwealth.com My other business is Mia Bella Gourmet Candles. You can learn more about Mia Bella here: http://www.naturalmiabella.com/sell.htm Both businesses are under $50 to start, and both come with a free website to market your products online. If you want to focus on local sales to friends and family, I recommend Mia Bella. If you are interested in building a large home-based business with huge earning potential, Isagenix is the best.
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Noni Noni
well, i guess it depends on what and how your going to do it...there is always the ebay route...which can make good money from what i hear but that depends on if your selling something you make or have alot of....other than that, there are tons of books on the subject at Barnes and noble....pop in and grab one! also its good to find out were your finances are before you start and make yourself a good budget to see if it is even possible for you to start a business of your own...another benefit is the tax write-offs you have....almost everything is work write-off, which are quite nice when it comes to your taxes, good luck and start reading up and budgeting.
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Maachah Maachah
I would suggest Pampered Chef... I did it for almost a year... it was fun. You can set up stands and stuff if you want to. I had to quit because I got a very busy full time job.
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Maachah Originally Answered: What can I deduct Home based Business and 1099?
To take a home office deduction, you have to have part of your home that you use REGULARLY AND EXCLUSIVELY for your business. Doesn't sound like you meet the exclusive part, saying for example that you use the same computer for personal use as for business use. So doesn't sound like you have a home office deduction. If you don't qualify for a home office deduction, don't claim it - that's something that's heavily audited. You need to track your mileage by day, and note trips as business or personal, doesn't sound like you'd have commuting miles unless you also go to a job. If you have all the detail on trips for business, you're probably OK, but start keeping the daily detail, an auditor can require it. Without knowing what your business does, it's hard to say what you can deduct. More info please.

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