Has anyone done a similiar research or research project as this one?

Has anyone done a similiar research or research project as this one? Topic: Psychology research articles studies
June 26, 2019 / By Dave
Question: Rich People VS Poor People (who will be more likely to give the homeless money?) Participant Observation & Analysis: Is Class associated with what kind of people are willing to give money to a homeless person? Pretend to be homeless and go begging, the more well-off people will give you nothing at all. the less affluent will be more likely to give you something. Can This be Proven? Another one of life’s mysteries: Those who have it keep it. Those who don’t are just glad they have something they can spare. Has anyone done this type of experiment or anything similiar to this type and have gathered research on it? or has anyone found research material concerning this matter? your help will be greatly appreciated.
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Best Answers: Has anyone done a similiar research or research project as this one?

Ballard Ballard | 5 days ago
keep in mind that you can never prove your study, there are always a numerous of other variables involved, you can only show whether ur study is significant or not, and by how much....but anyway, i have not seen this study, go to ur official school library website, and select journal articles under sociology or psychology, type in keywords such as wealthy income/low income
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Wren Wren
The police in my town does not want anyone giving to the homeless.....They claim they will not get the help they need by people just giving to them....I think most of these type of people have been in prison....I give to them in the name of Jesus.....I just can't help it....Many are alcoholics and can't hold a job so they do need the proper therapy...Some are on drugs and should not have money....I have bought them dinner before.... I am not wealthy but have all I need...and drive a new car every few years. I would say the wealthy probably are less likely to give to them....The wealthy can think of so many reasons to hold their nose up at anyone not on their level....Humph they say...there is another bum that did nothing with his life....Where I think the poor soul probably did not have proper upbringing. Maybe parent's that were drug users and such... I do feel sorry for them even if they are bound by drugs and such.....But I would never take one into my home for any reason.....I tell them to pray a lot and I will pray for them...
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Shawna Shawna
Yes, it has been done. The lower middle class give a higher percentage of their income to charity than those in the upper or upper middle classes.
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