Please ;( I need help with my essay?

Please ;( I need help with my essay? Topic: Write essay on my family
July 20, 2019 / By Timotha
Question: First off, let me say that..I SUCK at writing essays. I don't know, it's just something about an essay that just makes it super challenging to me! I can sit there ALL DAY LONG with my pencil and paper and still have not one word on my paper at the end of the day... I over think things a lot! And that's a huge reason as to why I never get anything done! And it frustrates and annoys me! And it stresses me out! Because I feel like a failure :( Writing is my weakest subject..and I want to become better. I just need help with it! I have this essay that's DUE today, and I didn't go to school today, because I didn't finish it over the weekend! The teacher gave us a question: "what is your favorite [blank]?" And you can put anything that's your favorite in that blank...like favorite drink, or favorite show, and ETC! But I can't find anything to put in that blank! Bc I don't have a favorite ANYTHING! And then you have to tell WHY it's your favorite... And the essay is based off of that. But I mean..how can I create a thesis based off "why" it's my favorite? I just can't do it....I really need help starting it off ;( please help me? I would really and TRULY appreciate it. Thanks!
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Roxy Roxy | 4 days ago
Make a habit of "battle planning." Its just another name for creating a blueprint that you can follow when you begin your essay, but having served in the military, I prefer the title, because as you state, writing is a battle for you. Don't let yourself get too stressed. Writing comes naturally for some, for others, it is a battle, but with a little practice and planning, it can be done. As to your project, everyone has a favorite something. It might be a weekly tv show, a pet, a family member or something simple as a meal. "...But I mean..how can I create a thesis..." That word thesis, certainly can be worrisome if you let it. In reality, its just a fancy name for an opening line. "Meatloaf is my favorite meal." of "Avatar is my favorite movie."
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Roxy Originally Answered: Since English is my second language,can anyone edit this essay for me ASAP, this is a very important essay,?
Leadership Growing up amongst the people closest to me, know me as a shy girl, with lack of confidence. However, deep inside I want to make a difference in people lives. This is why I decided to run to be Junior class president. With this position, I am able to help my class earn money for our Senior trip. With this goal in mine, I was capable of getting my classmates to help out at the Nut Hut. I was able to accomplish a goal of getting everyone working together for one common goal we all had. In addition to, being class president I had to make all the right decisions for this year prom including choosing the theme, and the best place for the prom to take place at. However, all of this work made me feel happy because when I noticed the smiles on my classmates faces from all of the hard work I accomplished. In returned this made me feel good inside. I was also a HOBY member, where I was selected from my class to participate in this leadership program. This program teaches people how to be a good leader,and how to improve their community. With this knowledge, I had thought of some ideas from the program such as, sorting out glasses for recycle to help out my community. Community Service Helping out my community is the biggest part of my life. That is why I will do everything in my power to help out my community. At my church, there is a program where they giving food to the needy. Every Wednesday, after school, I help out by being in the kitchen giving food to people, and help with cleaning. I has been doing this project for the past two years, and still plan to volunteer as long as I’m still living in Oakland. Doing this program made me feel good inside because seeing a smile on those people faces and seeing them not going hungry is my greatest accomplishment in life. My dad passed away early (this year?) because in Vietnam there was no medicine to treat or cure malaria. That is why every weekend I volunteer at the Drug Store, as a pharmacy technician counting pills, sorting the medicines, and putting the medicines back to their places. This job not only involves helping people to get well, but it also makes me feel good seeing them get better. Obstacle The day I was born, was the day my dad passed away. He passed away because there wasn’t any good medicine to treated malaria.( YOU SAID THIS SENTENCE ALREADY YOU DONT HAVE TO NECESSARY WRITE IT AGAIN. INSTEAD WRITE: DUE TO THE FACT MY FATHER PASSED AWAY THE DAY I WAS BORN, I NEVER REALLY GOT A CHANCE TO GET TO KNOW HIM) After he passed away, my family was in poverty. My mom had no other choice but to let my brother lived with her mother-in-law, and I live with her mother. As a result, at a young age I was not able to be close with my brother. I was only able to see him during the summer time. However, seeing him had cost my mom and me a lot of pain. From the day my mom married my dad, her mother-in-law had hated her and doesn’t see her as a daughter-in-law. She often treated my mom like a slave, making her work night and day. Vietnamese tradition is boys are more superior than girls. This is the reason why my grandma doesn’t let me lived with her. However, she does let me visit her and my brother during the summer time. During this time, I had to worked just like my mom, from cleaning the whole house, to washing the dishes all by myself. All this work doesn’t please my grandma, she still hated me, and nobody was going to defended me because my dad had died, and my mom had no power over my grandma. My mom had once told Anh Marrs me, the day I was born, she had never hug me once. From that moment on, I realized no matter what I do, even doing what she asked me to do, she never going to love me like her other grandsons and granddaughters. However, I still had my other grandma who love me. In fact, she treated me as a human being. Despite my grandma love, my school work was beginning to slip, she and my mom couldn’t afforded me going to school. I knew my life from that moment on was going to worked at a rice farm, until my mom met Gary, my step-dad. He was willing to bring all of us to the United States. My life was changing before my eyes when I came to the US, at the age of ten. I has a better life, a better family, and a dad who care for me. Because of the way my grandma had treated me. I had learned to treated people as a human being with respect, and not judge people on the outside, and help them out when they are in trouble. My dad's death, has made me realized my future career goal is to be a pharmacist. Helping people with their diseases with the medicine available for them, because he died from lacking good medicine. Last, I realized education is the most important thing in my life right now, even though English is my second language, I am still receiving an “A” for my grade, and drive to go to a medical college. However, children in Vietnam doesn’t have the opportunity that I have right, which is why every year I had send money to Vietnam helping out with their school supplies, because it will help them to continue with their education. I FIRST WANT TO SAY READINGTHIS HAS REALLY TOUCHED ME......READ IT OVER CAREFULLY BECAUSE I HAVE MADE SEVERAL CHANGES. i AM CURRENTLY A NURSING STUDENT AND I JUST WANT TO SAY HELPING PEOPLE IS THE BEST THING ANYONE CAN DO....CONTINUE TO BE STRONG, HELPFUL, AND POSITIVE AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL...........I HOPE THIS HELPED AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!!

Natalie Natalie
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Lorraine Lorraine
This Site Might Help You. RE: Please ;( I need help with my essay? First off, let me say that..I SUCK at writing essays. I don't know, it's just something about an essay that just makes it super challenging to me! I can sit there ALL DAY LONG with my pencil and paper and still have not one word on my paper at the end of the day... I over think things a...
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Katheryne Katheryne
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Hellen Hellen
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Hellen Originally Answered: Need help with my essay?
First brainstorm what you know about china, india how they shape the world and buddhism. Remember first paragraph is introducing then body paragraph must have an example another words transition words like furthermore, next, Also, first, second, in addition etc.

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