Feeling more like a guinea pig than a friend.?

Feeling more like a guinea pig than a friend.? Topic: Flag case stand
June 19, 2019 / By Dexter
Question: So I have this friend and we are pretty close. Anyways she is working on getting certified as a dental assistant and asked if I would let her take x-rays on me. At first I told her no and I wasn't really comfortable with being exposed to radiation for no reason (my biggest fear is dying of cancer...kind of stupid but its just how I feel). She doesn't respect my feelings and begs me to do it for her birthday and it will just be a few x-rays. SINCE its her birthday I agree to it and as she is taking them she tells me it will be 18 x-rays and the only reason she needed me is because she herself has a bad gag reflex so she didn't want to do it with the rest of her classmates. Anyway, we end up taking about 20 and then the next week she tells me she needs to retake a few. Since I had agreed to this I just gave in and retook about 5. Now about a month later she tells me she needs 3 more and I finally told her no and good luck finding someone else. I feel bad not sticking it out with her but I'm hurt that she put me in this position in the first place and didn't care about my feelings. I mean she wasn't even willing to do it herself!!!! I feel like she is just focused on getting her certification and doesn't really care about my feelings or well being and thats a huge red flag for me since I would never pursuade a friend to do something they are uncomfortable with. Am I being a bad friend or was it time I finally stood up for myself? Thanks for the support. I dont think she is a demon, she's just not thinking about anything but her goal right now. She stopped talking to me though :/ which speaks more volumes than her guilt tripping me.
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Bevan Bevan | 5 days ago
I think you are a pretty good friend to allow that many x-ray's. I also respect that you finally stood up and told her NO. Good for you. The true test of your friendship is yet to come. When you need her to do something for you, if she says NO from the start, you know your friendship never did start. I've had friends that used me too. They are no longer in my life. Today I have some real good friends. Case in point, Dale, my neighbor, often needs help with his car. He knows about as much about cars as Ghadaffy Duck knows about being a good leader in Libya. OK, he knows nothing more than changing oil and spark plugs. Often I'm over there helping him with his situations. Recently I fixed a loose head on his wife's car, changed the timing belt on his van, installed a new fuel pump in the same van, helped him with his washer and dryer, his plumbing and many more things I've not kept tract of. Here's the proof of friendship: WHENEVER I ask for his help I get it. Building a patio, doing concrete work (front porch, back porch, patio) and again, so many other things that NEITHER of us have kept tract of; he's ALWAYS there for me. That's what friends do. So if you support your friend, then YOU are a true friend. If she supports YOU then SHE also is a true friend. Anything other than that, I can think of no tests. Good luck. By the way, today's x-rays have EXTREMELY LOW energy. It used to be dental x-rays were about as much exposure to radiation as taking a cross country flight. Today they are - I don't know - ten to a hundred times less exposure. I don't think you've been exposed to any dangerous levels of radiation. Besides, cancer - while not ALWAYS hereditary, is hereditary. If there is no history of cancer in your family, it's unlikely you have anything to worry about. Again, good luck. :_)
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Skyler Skyler
Good for you for standing up for your boundaries. If your "friend" cared about your well being she would respect that you were reluctant in the first place. Please don't feel bad about not sticking it out - xrays are serious. Its not like she is asking you to try out some candy - it is radiation! - and you don't want this to affect your health, that is a lot of xrays. This person utilized guilt as a tool to manipulate you into doing something you didn't even want to do in the first place. Listen to your red flags as this doesn't sound like a true friend to me, sounds like she is using you.
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Pleasance Pleasance
You should have stood your ground in the beginning and not even taken the x-rays. Never allow anyone to make you do something that you feel uncomfortable doing. And yes, you went above and beyond your duty of friendship..Enough is enough already so let her use someone else. Good for you that you stood up for yourself.>:)
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