Yamaha EF1000 wont start?

Yamaha EF1000 wont start? Topic: Case spark plugs
June 16, 2019 / By Aimerey
Question: i have a Yammaha EF1000 generator. I have cleaned all the fuel lines,tank and carb and I am getting spark and fuel. Before doing all this. I made sure it would even start, I sprayed starting fluid in the cyl with the carb off and started it.Now that I have cleaned everything and have fresh gas in the tank. I can not get it started and still getting spark. I found this unit in the trash and with time on my hands figured I would try and fix it. Does anyone have any idea on what it could be or did I just flood it??
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Suzanne Suzanne | 10 days ago
Try the starting fluid again through the air cleaner. It should fire and then die. This shows a carburetor or fuel problem. I suspect it needs a new carburetor or at least new intake gaskets. Dry the spark plug first in case you did flood it.
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Suzanne Originally Answered: Why wont the car start?
sounds like the starter is engaging but occasionally without enough power to turn the engine over. Could be a worn out starter motor, or an engine problem making it hard to start. But an intermittent problem like that in my experience is most likely one of two things: wiring fault or bad battery. One of the battery posts could be working loose inside the case, or it could have a cell in the beginning stages of shorting out, then it would be hit or miss as to whether it'll provide enough cranking amps. A "load test" is the ultimate test of a battery, and unless walmart or pepboys did one, they didn't rule it out completely. I wouldn't trust either pepboys or walmarts, just because of high turnover rates among their technicians. Autozone will load test the battery for free, then you'll know. Corrosion/loose connection will give you squirrelly intermittent symptoms like that, too; could be a connection at the starter solenoid or motor, or the engine block ground. If a battery cable insulation gets chafed or nicked, it can corrode on the inside until it eventually fails. Less likely, a fault is developing in the keyswitch or wiring harness. A good mechanic who knows how to troubleshoot can narrow the possibilities down fairly quickly and tell you exactly what's wrong.
Suzanne Originally Answered: Why wont the car start?
I had the exact same problem with my 1990 Lexus Es250 a few months back. I took it to the mechanic because i thought it was the solenoid, however it wasn't. Tighten up your battery cables and if necessary clean them. Second your starter could be bad. Just because the test shows that the starter is fine, it doesn't mean that it is. You probably have one little bad spot in the starter and when it hits that spot after starting so many times, it will not start. One more thing it could be, it could be the neutral safety switch.
Suzanne Originally Answered: Why wont the car start?
Is the starting problem only after it has been run for a while and then shut off? If so it might be a temperature problem or a fuel delivery problem. Sometimes when a car gets real hot (doubtful this time of year but who knows if your water level is minimal) when you shut it off, it actually gets hotter for a while before it cools off and they will not start. Check you antifreeze level. Also, sometimes it is a fuel vapor issue. If the car does not start, go to the gas cap and take it off and try to start the car again. Sometimes there is a vacuum lock in the fuel system and the fuel will not flow to the engine properly. Removeing the fuel cap temporarily will fix that. Both of these issues are usually heat related and unless you live where it is real hot in Jan. (probably not) it probably is not the issue, but worth a check anyway. Good luck.

Raven Raven
It is obvious that you have a fuel issue. You need to remove the carburetor, take it apart and soak the parts in a quality cleaning solvent. A rebuild kit and new gaskets would be the preferred method but you can usually get by without them if the gaskets are in good shape.
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Raven Originally Answered: Why wont my car start?
It sounds like you are saying your engine is turning meaning the starter motor is working but the engine never actually fires up. If that is the case than you need to find out if you have fuel or spark and whichever you dont have is the path you have to go down to find out why it does not run. And of course you want to start out with a fully charged battery greater than 12.5 volts DC. good luck.
Raven Originally Answered: Why wont my car start?
Check that your battery is in good condition, check all your fuses and relays or any loose wires. you can start from there.

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