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June 19, 2019 / By Dezi
Question: i want everyone to give there own opinion of as to what to do for each fighter. this is pure fiction but i'll describe my fantasy fight! Skinny fighter: Fast, tall, long legs, long arms, not so well built but fit. Strong fighter: big built, obviously strong, slow, mid-tall. i want DETAIL of how EACH fighter would win against the other? Example: Skinny fighter use range and try not to get to close, strong fighter rush in and ground pound. thanks!
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Bevis Bevis | 7 days ago
The well rounded fighter beats them both. But in all seriousness both would be equal in a real fight it depends on actual skill. I've trained with guys who are extremely strong and heavily built but when they throw a round kick they don't pivot on their standing leg yet their kick is still stunningly powerful just because they have more mass behind it. I'm not too big but I'm fit, and my roundhouse kick is perfect from years of Muay Thai and TKD but my perfect form kick is about equal to some of these guys kicks with poorer form. Now obviously if they had perfect form too their kicks would outshine mine just due to physics. In ancient Rome they used to have specialized Gladiator matches. One fighter would be given an extremely huge shield 5 foot shield that covers most of their body, but a tiny dagger. The other fighter would be given a very small buckler shield but a long lance and they would see who would win. Obviously skill and resourcefulness plays key. For your answer I must reiterate neither has more of an advantage over another in terms of physical features, it comes down to pure skill. The skinny fast fighter could keep the stronger heavy fighter out of range with push kicks and jabs, but if he's not well fit he may tire out quicker. In a ring this fight would never happen this is why we have weight classes, but in the street the bigger guy has a slightly higher advantage because bigger guys hit harder due to more mass behind their blows(assuming perfect form) than someone weighing less(assuming perfect form). Bigger guys have thicker skin and thicker skulls too which means they're harder to knock out(you almost never see knockouts in lightweight/middleweight boxing matches). In conclusion it's all about who's craftier. JKD teaches the first things to do in a fight is go for a groin kick and an eye gouge. Whether your big or small or skinny or tall, you're going down if you get eye gouged or kicked in the nuts!
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Abnur Abnur
Life isn't some cheesy action movie where the light and fast hero can defeat the big mean bully just because he's fast. Fat guys are one thing, but a "strong" guy doesn't necessarily mean he's slow. In your fantasy world, the skinny guy is likely going to lose. He'll be able to land a lot of punches, but he won't do much damage, so eventually he's going to end up in a clinch, and get the life beat out him. It's just MUCH MUCH easier for a stronger fighter to end a fight quickly than for a fast fighter to keep avoiding the stronger guy. The faster fighter lives on keeping the fight going, so he'd win a point fight if they both had 20oz gloves on and the stronger fighter's advantage was taken away. So in layman's terms, being strong and fairly fast is usually a bigger advantage than being weak and really fast. It's also a LOT easier for a strong fighter to train to get faster than for a fast fighter to get stronger.
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Sloane Sloane
Big guy would have an advantage at close and mid range, but avoiding a big guy is a losing proposition. I'd say the best examples of small guys taking down big guys are the early gracie fights- an aggressive grappler that slipped in and pulled off a submission. Eating a lot of light punches doesn't do much when you're full of adrenalin, but anyone can get arm barred or choked out.
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Pollie Pollie
Karate black belt and heres why. Karate person can kick and jump kick. Body builder just big and slow can't kick fast or powerful and not very high at all. Body builder just has mass and strength to lift weights. Doesn't know how to fight or use that strength in a way to kill a person at least not efficiently as a black belt. Black belt knows how to attact and where and when. Also black belt know hows to defend and block attack where as body builder doesn't know these techniqus and only uses brute force. Karate can attack weak spots and nerve endings that will make a body builder drop like a big log that has just been chopped. That's why you don't see body builder enter the UFC because they will get their asses handed to them. They don't train to destroy or hurt another person as in Karate guy they only train to build big bulky muscles just for show not very effective in killing.
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