Does the Bible have a place in the classroom?

Does the Bible have a place in the classroom? Topic: Thesis review example
June 19, 2019 / By Drew
Question: "School is for facts and theories that have been peer-reviewed and accepted as a consensus." I like that.
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Best Answers: Does the Bible have a place in the classroom?

Briar Briar | 1 day ago
It has a place when displaying metaphors and archetypes; many religious texts do. A public school is not the setting to discuss whether or not any religious text holds "divine truth". Example: In the novel "the Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck, the character Jim Casey (might be Casy, I don't remember, it was a while ago) is often portrayed as a Christ figure by literary critics. When doing a character thesis on Jim Casey, the Bible is an excellent reference. It's kind of a thin line. Edit: As it has heavily influenced Western society and history, it's INFLUENCES have a place in the classroom, and passages relating to those influences also have a place to illustrate its influence.
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Ahian Ahian
Classroom is for learning. The Bible should be left to the parents. School is for facts and theories that have been peer-reviewed and accepted as a consensus.
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Susanna Susanna
Absolutely, the Bible has a place as one of the world's great literature works. As a literature major, I vehemently champion the Bible being taught, because so much of Western literature, art, and culture refer to it. A nuanced understanding of poetry and literature is pretty much impossible without also understanding basic Biblical teachings and stories. Can you imagine trying to read "The Scarlet Letter," without understanding anything about Biblical mandates against adultery? Come on! So, from a literature standpoint, it is indispensable. As a scientific text, however, not so much. It has no place in a biology classroom.
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Rain Rain
I want to say 1963 with the case Engel vs. Vitale. I don't think that the Bible was a textbook in public schools.
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Melveen Melveen
It depends on the type of schoo. the reason being is that there are many different religions in this world. all based of their own bible. i go to a Jewish day school right now, and its exclusive to Jews. the school plans to change to a charter school in the upcoming years and i plan to leave. it will open up the school to all religions meaning it CANNOT teach Judaism like it does now. That means the students will be open to influences from another religion and i dont want to be exposed but i want to stay and fight the exposure to the students and have them keep their religion. its confusing. anyways. in a public school no bible, in a private jewish day school, bible. in a christian day school, bible. etc...
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