Help on my Adolf Hitler Thesis Statement?

Help on my Adolf Hitler Thesis Statement? Topic: Thesis statement forms
June 20, 2019 / By Dudda
Question: Heres my thesis Adolf Hitler was not only known for being a destructive German Dictator, but also for being very anti-semitic, the Nazi fuhrer, and surprisingly enough, an animal lover yes the essay is just about hitler in general
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Broderick Broderick | 6 days ago
Corrected for grammar/spelling/capitalization: Adolf Hitler was not only known for being a destructive German dictator, but also for being very anti-Semitic, the Nazi Führer, and, surprisingly enough, an animal lover. I think it would flow better in a form such as this, though: Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Führer, was a German dictator who was not only known for being very anti-Semitic and destructive, but also, surprisingly enough, an animal lover.
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Broderick Originally Answered: What would be some good research questions I could ask about Adolf Hitler?
Adolf Hitler was a man who was set on Germany being the greatest world power, and he created a war machine that effectively took over a great portion of Europe before he could be stopped. Why did he want to be the world dominating power? What drove him? How was he so successful before he was stopped? Hitler thought that Germany was downtrodden by the rest of the world. Why did he feel so? He persecuted the Jews for what he felt were crimes against Germans. Why did he hate Jews so? Why did he try to wipe them all out? Why did he try to wipe out Polish people? Gay people? And others? Why did Hitler fail in the end? Who stopped him and how? What is the significance of the phrase, "Never again" in connection with World War II, Hitler, and the Jewish people? What is the book _Mein Kampf__? (My Struggle)
Broderick Originally Answered: What would be some good research questions I could ask about Adolf Hitler?
Had he gained the conflict with Russia he most often could have mellowed out and sought peace with England and finally published France and Holland and so forth. But he used to be surprised at his defeat within the East. He used to be much more surprised whilst the unstoppable Soviet Army started rolling west and successful victory after victory in opposition to Germany. When the U.S.A. entered the conflict with FDR as it is chief Mr Hitler knew he used to be doomed. While different American President's most often could have attempted to barter with him, FDR used to be insisting on 'unconditional give up' and throwing the load of Americas Military Industrial Complex in the back of Russia.

Aillard Aillard
You should throw in that he saw himself as a Messiah (yes, like a prophet!). He wanted to cleanse the world of all non-aryans (Aryans are some sort of Master race) and all people like jews, slavic, old, retarded, insane etc. would be killed. His first plan to get rid of the jews though was just to kick them out. That didn't work out so he used his "Final Solution" which was to kill them all. People also had to have blue eyes (lol i nearly typed in blue hair i watch/read to much anime) and blond hair. He and nearly all of the NAZI commanders comitted suicide on a satanic holiday (around April 20th I think only hitler on the satanic holiday). He also got married to Eva (i think) Braun and they died together. He sort of did 2 suicides. He bit into a cyanide pill then he shot himself in the head.
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Suzan Suzan
Adolf Hitler a guy of flesh and bone who replaced into waiting to start a conflict that marvel the two flesh and bone. For he replaced right into a guy of the worst veiws yet think of roughly it what he did replaced into fantastic horrifing terrible disgusting abslaotly barf metireal yet fantastic he replaced into clever he brewed the minds of toddlers contained in the simplest strategies. He replaced into terrible yet he replaced into great and then this guy of such means dies of the main cowereic loss of life ever sucide a guy who replaced into belived to stay for ever dies via his very own 2 palms a guy who belived in somthing so strongly he confronted the international in doing so and yet he died the loss of life of a cowered to afraid to stand the galloes of his enemy Adolf Hitler replaced into no longer loopy no Adolf Hitler replaced right into a cowered who abandodend his belifes that basically the Aramie race could desire to stay to tell the story his belife that Muslims Gypses Jews and Blacks have been animals and destined for hell and he replaced into no longer something yet a new child hidding in the back of his mothers returned.
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Suzan Originally Answered: Adolf Hitler, HELP! Repot & i need a good grade?
Wow Nicole, that's no small order to fill! Even though your list is concise, adequately answering them in a like manner is nearly impossible. However, it may be possible to highlight a few points about each and then give you some resources for finding out more detailed, comprehensive information that will fit into your research and report. Failures: Almost too many to list, but beginning earlier in his life, he was not an avid student but had interests in Art and Architecture, but failed to get additional, higher education in any subject and even twice applying to and being rejected in Vienna for art school; his failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 (an attempt to stage a coupe and takeover) landed him in prison; though he met with many early successes in WWII, his invasion of Russia (Operation Barbarossa; 22 Jun 1941) opened up a second-front in the East and his handling of troops, resources, etc. resulted in massive casualties and losses, especially in Stalingrad. Lifestyle: Bohemian Lasting contributions: Generally contributions have a connotation of being "positive" and I can think of none of Hitler's actions that left a positive lasting contribution, only negative. Many of the things he was able to take credit for (Volkswagen, Autobahn etc.) were actually programs and policies in place before he became Chancellor in January 1933. Appearance: Really depended on what time in his life and what activity. For the most part, during his Vienna days, he led a rather meek, bohemian existence. His dark hair, short stature and other physical features and traits are ironically almost nothing like the "Aryan" ones he admired and promoted. Motivation or beliefs: Depends on what topic, but largely, Hitler was very upset at the end of WWI feeling like Prussia (Germany) had been betrayed and he would largely deflect the blame and attention of this to justify a visceral stance towards Jews, Bolsheviks, political dissidents and others. Biographical: see references, biography. Character traits: also see references and biography, but in large part, Hitler was an actor in that he played mostly whatever part he needed to or felt appropriate in a given situation so it is honestly difficult to nail down true traits, but through his speeches, writings, and other research you will likely find that he was generally shy and not outspoken at first, but as he "grew up" in the anti-Semitic and political arenas he studied and received help in his appearance and delivery; he was generally paranoid, trusted few, but he was very loyal and generous to those whom he felt comradeship. Accomplishments: see contributions mostly; but, it is fair to report that he accomplished many things, though it seems always with an evil or ulterior motive, in politics and initially in combat operations planning. (See Austria Anschluss, 1938 Munich Conference for example) People associated with: Hitler seemed to have few friends growing up. "Associated with" is very broad, but a good start would be to look at who/what had influences on him such as Julius Streicher, Dr. Wilhelm Frick, Rudolph Hoess, Friedrich Weber, and others. Some good resources or references: Adolf Hitler biography http://www.biography.com/articles/Adolf-Hitler-9340144 Thirty Days to Power by Henry Ashby Turner Hitler: A Biography by Ian Kershaw Hitler's Willing Executioners by Daniel Goldhagen Good luck, happy research and great reporting to you!

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