What happens to children who witness the abuse of their siblings?

What happens to children who witness the abuse of their siblings? Topic: Experiences affecting ptsd research article
June 25, 2019 / By Ferdy
Question: ...but are not abused themselves? I was physically abused pretty badly as a child by my mother, and my younger sister (2 years younger) often witnessed it. As adults we are extremely close, but we both have a lot of residual issues... me with eating disorders and cutting, her with drugs and criminal activity. I have been in intensive therapy for the last year, and have made great progress, but my sister isn't in any therapy. I don't think she has enough self-awareness to realize that her behaviours are maladaptive. I'm only telling you all this so you have a better understanding of our situation. I am NOT trying to find ways to push my sister into therapy or something she isn't ready to do. What I would like to know is this... how are children who witness the abuse of their siblings affected by it? I can't seem to find any articles or pages on this subject. There is plenty of information about how children are affected when they witness abuse between parents... but not about witnessing the abuse of a sibling. I have always wondered how my sister may have been affected. I wonder if there has ever been any research on cases like ours. I'm sure there has been, but I can't seem to find any! If anyone knows anything or can offer any insights, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Daley Daley | 5 days ago
All I can say is that the witness suffers tremendous FEAR and maybe even some PTSD much like ppl in war zones. It can be life long damage or temporary depending on many factors surrounding the abuse or trauma. I'd just keep looking at books about Child abuse or Codependency which go into all aspects of the victims and witnesses experience and consequences of family abuse. Read about dysfunctional families. In many ways the witness is traumatized and injured as much as the actual victim.
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Austen Austen
This is a really interesting question, and I want to say sorry about the abuse you suffered as a child. Hopefully you can grow from the experience and know how to treat your children better than your mom did. I really have no idea for sure how it affects kids to witness abuse of siblings but I'd think it would be similar to witnessing the abuse of a parent. In both instances the child is watching someone they care about get hit by someone else they're supposed to trust and it confuses them. The child feels afraid in both situations I'm sure, probably afraid of what might happen to them if they say/do something wrong. Also, they probably feel helpless and like they can't do anything to save their sibling. They may grow up with bad habits like you mentioned your sister has, and they may even feel like it's okay to hit someone they care about when they're angry, because that's what they were brought up seeing. I'm sure in some cases they may resort to even abusing their own children. Or on the other hand, they could grow up being passive and easily taken advantage of, and not speaking their mind, because of the fear they grew up with of what might happen if they do. Once again, I'm not a professional and I have never seen any studies on siblings being abused and not the others specifically either, but these are just some of my ideas of how it affects siblings. Abuse of one sibling and not of another is actually not all that unusual, and I think the effects of it on children are similar to those of watching a parent be abused. So if you want to find out more, I'd recommend looking around on the internet, keep reading books on domestic violence/child abuse in general, and maybe even ask your therapist if she knows of any studies or places to find more information on the topic. It also might be a good idea to try talking to your sister about it some time and finding out how she felt and how it affected her personally. Here's a link I just found by quickly googling the topic that may help you understand it a bit more http://timeoutshelter.org/get-help/children-teens-and-elders/ I hope you and your sister get better. Hope I helped
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Vina Vina
They bypass after the incorrect human beings all the time. rather of going after the actual people who abuse their babies. First, you need to call around and notice if any legal specialists are doing professional-bono cases. If no longer, In each state they're centers that are going that should assist you for unfastened, basically ask any criminal expert which you refer to for a close-by workplace the place they help human beings devoid of expenditures. sturdy success
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Shanelle Shanelle
It teaches kids that ita okay to abuse, so they are most likely to get in fights at school and do drugs and what not, and even abuse their own kids.
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