How do i apply a formula to multiple cells in Excel?

How do i apply a formula to multiple cells in Excel? Topic: How to write a vba code in excel
June 19, 2019 / By Enos
Question: I'm doing a demographics project and I have to rank zip codes based on five factors: % in Poverty(P), Average Family Income(I), % of High School or higher Graduates(E), Average Occupation(O), and Average Family House Price(H). My formula is 1.5P + 2I + 1.5E + O + 1.25H (I had to weight the factors because some were more important to class level than others) My end goal here is to Rank my 30-something zip codes in various Class levels. (Upper-Upper, Lower-Upper, Upper-Middle, etc) I started off by ranking each zip code in each category, and I have that on a spreadsheet. A sample row being similar to this: 90210 29 29 35 15 33. The first 29 being Poverty, the second being Income, 35 being Education, 15 being Occupation, and 33 being House Price. So what I'm trying to figure out is if and how I can apply my equation to all the rows of zip codes so I can rank them all. So how? THanks. alright i have no idea what VBA is or whatever you said in your last sentence, and i don't know excel speak and maybe i didn't mean "cell" in my original question but whatever all i wanted to know was how to apply a formula to all my zip codes. and that was a run-on but i don't really care. hah.
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Colbert Colbert | 6 days ago
• Lets say your data range A2:F31 Zip code - Poverty - Income - Education - Occupation - House Price • On G1:K1range, type the coefficient of each term in your equation 1.5P + 2I + 1.5E + O + 1.25H that will be 1.5 on cell G1, 2 on cell H1, 1.5 on cell I1, 1 on cell J1 and 1.25 on cell K1 or in another part of your worksheet. STEP 1: Apply the equation to each zip code data • On cell G2 write this formula =SUMPRODUCT(B2:F2, $G$1:$K$1) if you put your equation's coefficient in another location change accordingly • Copy the formula to the rest of the cells G3:G31 HINT: Select the cell G2 and locate the mouse carefully on the fill handle (the small black dot or square in the bottom right corner from the selected cell) until the cursor changes its shape into a "+" and double click it. Excel will copy the formula down the column until the column to the left has a blank cell STEP 2: Rank the result • On cell H2 write this formula RANK (G2,$G$2:$G$31, 0) (to rank the numbers in descending order) RANK (G2,$G$2:$G$31, 1) (to rank the numbers in ascending order) • Copy the formula to the rest of the cells H3:H31 Use the above hint That's all
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Antwan Antwan
you form customary(a1:c1) or similar into column d. note: it would no longer be a1:c1 if you're not any more in row one. if you're in row 3, then you definately might want to form a3:c3 etc. Then press enter and make positive the calcultion is ideal. Then click onto that cellular and then factor to the decrease excellent nook of the cellular you want to replica. at the same time as the pointer marker will develop right into a depressing black + signal, drag it instantly down by all the cells you want the formula copied to.
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Tresha Tresha
An Excel "formula" runs in a cell, evaluates and displays the results - IN THAT CELL. You can't "apply a formula to a cell". Learn VBA and see if you can write your algorithm as a macro.
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Salena Salena
You can put the number of the boxes into the other box and that would be your formula. So for example =(B6*B3) and my answer would be the content in those two boxes multiplied. Sry if i wasnt much help :(
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