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July 17, 2019 / By Adene
Question: My boyfriend graduated from OCS last Summer and is planning to commission Spring 2013. Had some questions: - How long is a typical Marine Officer contract? I've heard 4 or 6 years? - When does this contract start? My boyfriend said the clock starts as soon as he starts TBS, but I've also read that it starts as soon as he/she is commissioned. - Do Marine Officers get to come home for a bit during TBS? How about when they finish TBS and are waiting to go to their specialty program (I think it's called MOS?)? Is there typically a long wait? Or do they go straight into it? - After completed MOS/specialty...do they automatically get stationed somewhere or do they get to go back home for a bit? What is life like at the base? Do they get weekends off? Nights? I would like to ask about leaves, deployments, life when the officer isn't deployed...but from what I read it various by situation. I read that USUALLY Marine Officers deploy 6-8 months, come back home for 14? And have 30 day leaves, which is like vacation, right? Not meaning to sound selfish, but I have my own life and career goals to think about. I plan on climbing the corporate latter here in Los Angeles and graduate from school....(sorry if this sounds awful) and so I don't think I would want to move with my boyfriend to wherever he is stationed at UNLESS there is a good job market that I would be passionate working at (I'm in PR). Ideally, he'd be a Camp Pendleton (sp), but I know there's never a guarantee. I'd rather stick it out (than move to a place I won't be happy working at), have a long distance relationship, until his contract ends and then move in together wherever we'd like. If anyone else out there is experiencing these thoughts...is going or has gone through something like this....some words of encouragement/advice would be fantastic. Let me preface this by saying I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years. I wrote a much LONGER version of this question...but it got no love and I assumed it was bc people wouldn't want to be reading a novel to answer a simple question. But there was a response saying that I didn't sound committed....and so I just wanted to throw this information out there. We've been together for a couple of years, have talked about marriage, kids....we got through OCS together (I know OCS is a cakewalk compared to post commission life, but at the time, we weren't used to being apart for over a week, much less 10, so it was a big deal for us) and OCS truly made our relationship stronger, it was surprisingly a positive experience. I'm not talking about becoming his wife anytime soon...I don't want to be anyone's wife anytime soon, I'm only 22! I'm very content on remaining a girlfriend. I just want to know as much as possible...I've already done a lot ...a lot of research. Wow, this thing totally cut me off! But I am committed to doing long distance....I was already planning to seeing as how his other career choice was to be a cop in SF, and I'm based in LA at least until 2015 when I graduate from my MBA program. I just want some advice/tips from people who are going through this or who have gone through it. Many thanks to those who have already replied.
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I use the cheapest pens I can get. Seems like I'm always letting people use them to write a statement, or sign a citation. I can not count the times someone sticks it in their mouth, or has incredibly filthy hands, so I can just toss it and grab another. And no, I do not think you would be out of line giving out your card.
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LOL. Actually it's not that silly of a question. I have a weird interest in pens and I notice things like that too. At my department, we have a Office Max credit card. And the usually once a month or so, one of our clerks orders stuff online or goes to the store to restock. We aren't "issued" pens. But if a pen is needed, we have a supply room where an officer can get one. They only buy cheap stick pens and Pilot Easy Touch pens. So most officers just provide their own. I carry a Fisher Space Pen "Police Pro". My wife bought it for me a couple years back. I also carry a couple Uni-Ball Power Tank pens in my bag. I like both because they write on wet paper, upside down, and do well when it's freezing out. Since I am left handed, all gel pens are a no no for me. If you see an officer in a store or something. I don't think it's out of line to give him a product and your card. But I wouldn't bug them on the street.

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