Outdoor pictures? How to get them if getting married in a hotel?

Outdoor pictures? How to get them if getting married in a hotel? Topic: How to make a bib
June 26, 2019 / By Findlay
Question: I think we have almost decided we will be married in a Hotel setting, but We live in Washington DC and I know we can get some nice outdoor shots. How can I get outdoor pictures when Ceremony and Reception will be in the same place? I dont want to take up too much time, though I am concerned about how the pictures will be if I dont at least get some outdoor shots.
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Danny Danny | 6 days ago
Take your pictures before the wedding. When my sister got married, the photographer was able to capture everyone in the wedding party and the family while their clothes, hair and makeup were still fresh and everyone looked their best. He arranged for the moment when the groom saw his bride for the first time without having the church full of guests and got a great shot of the look of love on his face. After the chapel shots we went to a nearby park and took photos there (all of us bridesmaids carefully carried my sister's hem and train to make sure it didn't get dirty) and then went back to the church for a light snack before the ceremony (the photographer also got a fabulous shot of all of the ladies sitting in a circle eating fruit with sheets over us like big bibs, because the wedding planner didn't want any of us staining our dresses.)
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Azal Azal
Im not familiar with that area but I think you try to find a park or something nearby that would be good for pictures. You can have it set up where you have all the pictures of you and your wedding party (with your soon to be husband) done at a certain time before the ceremony and then have all the wedding party and him done at a certain time without you. You could get the majority of the pictures done then and then between the wedding and reception while everyone else is getting to the reception, if the place is close enough by you can just go get some of the two of you done and then make your way to the reception. Good luck and congrats!
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Wanda Wanda
Try to find a nice outdoor spot near the hotel that you can go to take pictures while the guests are having greeting eachother, having coffee, or taking pictures with other family. If thats not possible I know a lot of people who took engagment pictures in really nice formal wear. Even though you may not be wearing the wedding dress in the pic. you still have the formality of it. and you can still wear white.
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Shantel Shantel
with my brothers wedding (it was also ceremony and reception in the same place) they had some hors dourves (spelling?) set up and the wedding party went out for about an hour and took outdoor shots. you just have to occupy your guests for a bit so you guys can get away and get the pics you want! best wishes
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Orianne Orianne
a few different options. Someone suggested to us that we take pics before the ceremony. I hate breaking tradition, so we said no to this, plus too much to do. Next, go and take pics anyways. Take an hour or an hour and a half and go do it, hire some salsa dancers or something. Have some appetizers. (i wanted a nacho bar) The next option would be to get some engagement photos done. Your not in the dress, and he's not in a tux, but still nice. Good luck, congrats.
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