I need proofreading help?

I need proofreading help? Topic: excellent business plan
June 25, 2019 / By Decima
Question: Could you proofread this and make changes for commas, punctuation, etc. Thanks! Please only change if you know what you are doing! To: All Employees From: John Smith, Manager Date: February 25, 2010 Subject: Customer Service Improvement Plan Recently, our customer service has not met the standards our customers expect and deserve. Customers have complained of impolite service and long waiting times. I propose we work together to improve the image of our business. The results will make you, the business, and the customers better off. Customer service reflects a business’s outreach for its clients. With good customer service, our business will prosper. For that reason, we must change our poor performance to satisfy our customers. Therefore, to ensure your success, a new customer service manager has been hired to assist you. With your cooperation, the manager will help you provide excellent customer service. The manager will hold individual sessions with you in two weeks. Please sign up no later then next week for these mandatory sessions. If all sessions are attended, you will see a drastic improvement when helping customers. I am excited to begin this change with you and see the benefits it will bring to us all.
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Brittany Brittany | 5 days ago
In the third paragraph, change "then" to "than." ("Please sign up no later than"). Other than that, I see no grammar errors. You might see some people complain about business' vs. business's, but either way is fine.
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Brittany Originally Answered: Help proofreading.Thank you for us help?
I also noticed that two concepts were clearly used in many projects. These concepts were layers and skins. I was surprised when I saw the very first project in the graduate studios section. It was a huge part of a city done in layers. Thousands of layers were put together one by one to create a rectangular city plan. It was very interesting because the students communicated architecture using a material as simple as paper. There was another design that caught my attention because of the use of layers. In this case, the student combined two materials in the models, making the layers more noticeable. The design was about a huge place similar to a shopping center, with a lot of green areas. What made it so special was the location. It was in the middle of a city. OK Hope this helps. You mention layers and skins in your intro, yet you have not made any further reference to skins in the assignment.
Brittany Originally Answered: Help proofreading.Thank you for us help?
The design was about a huge place, similar to a shopping center, having a lot of green areas and what made it special was its location, it was in the middle of a city.
Brittany Originally Answered: Help proofreading.Thank you for us help?
ok I examine your text fabric and considered your web site, and listed under are my concepts (i used to be a technical author): - The text fabric and fees are ok - The purple writing on the black history is fairly complicated to envision and spot, a minimum of for me. - the different concern I observed replaced into the internet web site's width is extra advantageous than i'm able to view on my show at one time and switching returned and forth is complicated to hold the words in my strategies, fairly as quickly as I can no longer often see the purple on black. or you're on the suited song. continually contemplate whether you could certainly examine the fabric. it rather is extra considerable to have your travelers be waiting to make certain the text fabric than that's to look dramatic - that's what i assume the purple and black is all approximately. in many cases undeniable black and white is the suited. sturdy success.

Alisha Alisha
Ok in the first paragraph, on the last sentence you have an extra comma. It isn't necessarily wrong, but the proper way to list things would be without the comma between the last 2 items on the list. Should be as follows: "you, the business and the customers.." Also, on the first sentence of the second paragraph, business's should be without that extra s. In the third paragraph change then to than and all will be well.
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Alisha Originally Answered: Hello would someone mind proofreading?
"Although I want to be a high school teacher where many students take teachers for granted, I want to see their progress." This sentence does not make sense. "That feeling is an extremely exciting feeling." Find another word to use for one of the "feeling"s. You really do not want to use the same word twice in a sentence; it looses its impact. Even saying "That would be an extremely exciting feeling" would be preferable to what you've written. BTW, if you're going to be a teacher, spelling is also important. It's "grammar" not "grammer".
Alisha Originally Answered: Hello would someone mind proofreading?
Why are you putting your work up on Yahoo Answers to be proofread? A true teacher would seek to LEARN how to write properly, not have someone on the internet do the work for them. As the other answer-er pointed out, you misspelled grammer. C'mon! It's clear you clearly don't care about writing correctly and writing is one of the most important tools a teacher has. I could spend an hour or two correcting this but, you know what? that's your job.

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