How corrupt are Barack and Michelle Obama, firing an Inspector General for looking too close at a pal?

How corrupt are Barack and Michelle Obama, firing an Inspector General for looking too close at a pal? Topic: Personal statement for education
June 19, 2019 / By Forrest
Question: A news report today says: * * * An official responsible for monitoring how federal funds for volunteerism are spent told FOX News he was fired by President Obama for doing his job, and suggested it was payback for investigating the alleged misuse of grant money by the Sacramento mayor, an Obama backer. Gerald Walpin, who until last week was the chief internal watchdog for AmericCorps and other service programs, suggested "political pressure" was behind his ouster. He said he worried the action will have a "chilling effect" on other inspectors general. Obama gave little explanation for the decision, writing in a letter sent Thursday that he no longer had the "fullest confidence" in Walpin. The president's decision followed Walpin's investigation into the alleged misuse of federal grants by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a former NBA star and an Obama supporter who heads a nonprofit education group. "I am the victim of being fired because I was doing my job and doing it properly," Walpin told FOX News Tuesday. He said he could not let concern for "political pressure" interfere with his staff's pursuit of the investigation -- noting that it was his staff, not him personally, that pursued the inquiry. He also defended the findings, saying AmeriCorps requested the investigation in the first place. Walpin said the probe revealed that Johnson "misused" AmeriCorps volunteers for "personal purposes," by having them help in political campaigns and even wash his car. "They never disputed it whatsoever," Walpin said. "And indeed the agency itself found that our statements were correct and our findings were correct." http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/06/...
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Davis Davis | 9 days ago
Extremely corrupt, Obama said it was because he no longer had his 'fullest confidence', Walpin was called in and was told to resign with the hour or be fired. As this went against a bill Obama co sponsored requiring 30 days written notice to Congress Walpin refused. Works out Walpin is being fired for getting too close to Obama....not good. If it weren't for this disturbing phenomenon – not to discount a healthy dose of blind partisanship – it is inconceivable that the majority of people would tolerate Obama's dismantling of America's free-market system, his returning America to a pre-9/11 mindset against terrorists, his increasing usurpations of power, and his corrupt ties and practices, from the public funding of ACORN to the summary dismissal of the case against the Black Panthers to his firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin apparently for uncovering corruption by Obama's friends.
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Bambi Bambi
This is ABSOLUTELY NOT true. Under Ozbama's open and transparent government, you would have heard about it. YOU DID NOT HEAR ABOUT IT! YOU DID NOT HEAR ABOUT IT! YOU DID NOT HEAR ABOUT IT! . THAT IS ALL. . Now go back to work smearing Palin's family. PREKIN...?The same Lawrence G. Brown who had this to say about Perata.... "Our review of this investigation was consistent with the sound exercise of our prosecutorial discretion,” stated Acting United States Attorney Brown.(1) This Perata: "In May 2007, the East Bay Express, an alternative weekly in the Bay Area, published a two-part investigation of Perata. Among other things, the articles argued that Perata has manipulated liberal causes, such as antiwar sentiment, for his own personal and political gains.[13] Perata's sponsored an antiwar ballot resolution in order to raise money for his PACs. It also alleges that he has used campaign donations to support an indulgent lifestyle and detailed other possible areas of corruption."(2)
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Xylia Xylia
Walpin had an hour to make up his mind as to whether he was going to resign or have the president seek his suspension and termination, as indicated in email from Walpin to Eisen obtained by ABC News. US Attorney Lawrence Brown complained that Walpin acted "as the investigator, advocate, judge, jury and town crier" in his investigation, he wrote to the chair of the Integrity Committee for the Counsel of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency "to express my Office's concerns about the conduct" of Walpin. In that email, as well as other documents surrounding Walpin's termination obtained by ABC News, a picture emerges of an ambitious and aggressive inspector general whose actions repeatedly offended officials of the US Attorney's office, to the point that the Republican-appointee in the US Attorney's office filed an official complain against the Republican-appointed Inspector General. A Republican appointee was the person who complained to Obama. Obama listened to him.
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Shayla Shayla
Do you suppose there is corruption in the tax cheat party? They have become a disgrace. Bunch of back stabbing, back biting, liars and cheats. Only in it for what they can get no matter what price the American people have to pay. Agenda first with this bunch of criminals.
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Patience Patience
The democrats will never believe it...they are so blinded by Obama. Obama could choke a baby on national television, and the Dumbocrats would say "He never did that!"
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Margery Margery
No matter how Fox news spins it The Obama's will never be as corrupt as the Bush administration. Does Phone Tapping ring a bell? (..__/) (='.'=) (")_(")
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