At what age and how did you find out the truth about Santa?

At what age and how did you find out the truth about Santa? Topic: Christmas writing around the room
July 18, 2019 / By Jessi
Question: I've been a logic kid my entire life, so I was always weary of one guy giving out gifts to 6 billion people in less than 24 hours, but... I really found out when I was 8 or 9. I was looking at family pictures on the computer, and I came across pictures my dad took of them putting out presents. That was a hint Then at Christmas I realized that Santa's handwriting was the same hand writing as my mom's. That was a hint. Then the next year I found my parents crappy hiding place (really? behind a bunch of junk in the basement? couldn't you at least make an effort and put it in the attic?) What age were you and how did you? BQ: What is your funniest Christmas memory? Mine was probably around the same year as the above answer when we went to see the mall Santa. The guy in the costume was HUGE.... I'm not kidding probably 400 pounds... Me and my sister were on opposite ends and we would have had to scream to talk to each other (ok the last thing might be exaggeration). My mom told us it was because Santa had too many cookies, so that year we left fruit!!! lol What is yours? Merry Christmas Eve!!!
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Flossie Flossie | 8 days ago
haha thats cute. I started questioning the whole santa thing when I was 5/6...i saw a barbie camper van in my mum's room and the next day my sister got it as a present from 'santa' funniest xmas memory? when i threw my cousins stuffed reindeer toy off a three story balcony on christmas day and to this day she has always blamed it on her brother
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Flossie Originally Answered: How did you find out Santa wasn t real?
I was 9 (my older sister was 14). I remember we all used to camp out in the guest room on Christmas Eve in the good old days. So we were doing that and my sister and I had this exchange: Me: "Go to sleep or Santa won't come". Her: "E, it's mum and dad you know". Me: "No it is not". Her: "Yes it is, I saw them wrapping presents last year. And dad ate the mince pie you put out". I was shocked. I'm 15 now though and find the conversation nothing but cute.

Dana Dana
I was twelve and I looked it up on the internet and found all the means of these "letters" from Santa. But even now, my parents make me write a letter asking for what I want. I guess it's alright. I still keep the Christmas spirit alive!!!
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Bobbi Bobbi
I got suspicious that Santa and my dad would have the same funny coconut cookies as a favorite. But I finally faced the music in second or third grade. Go Blue!
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Alana Alana
When I was about 9. Kids on my basketball team told me he wasn't real, and I seen my parents go up in the attic and bring down the presents.
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Travers Travers
My grandmother told me she killed Santa when I was 4 years old.. so I never really found out he isn't real, he was murdered. BQ: This girl I knew was born on Christmas and I smashed her birthday cake because I hated her. It was funny :D I still laugh about it lol. Yeah.. me and my family have a strange sense of humor.. I probably get it from my grandmother.
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Reed Reed
NO! i did no longer locate out till i grew to become into 10/11 and that i grew to become into devastated as quickly as I found out :( even nonetheless im 17 i nonetheless desire to this present day that Santa grew to become into genuine...each and every thing grew to become into plenty greater interesting! they're waaaaay to youthful on the 2d to confirm, and besides telling them authentic earlier Christmas?How advise! purely enable them to savor Santa and the magic of Christmas:) To be trouble-free, they're going to locate out on their very own whilst they're 10/11 besides,purely depart them be and enable them to savor it:)
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GLOBAL WARMING/THE ENVIRONMENT IN GENERAL Any and I mean any environmental cause or approach must be grassroots in nature. Having PhD's talk about global warming and having those representing industry interests debunk these present theories is a high level and almost an entirely futile effort. Don't get me wrong, it is great that someone with Al Gore's connections and exposure is getting the word out. However, people are people they want to see results. Yes, the expression is now trite but still true, "Thing Globally, Act Locally". Watching the sky over a city, town or even a more rural area become darkened by smog has local impact, people take note and actually see A PROBLEM. A problem that can measured in terms of air quality or perhaps an AIR QUALITY HEALTH INDEX like the one that the provincial government in Ontario, Canada is in the process of implementing. You can measure results (however small) in terms of air quality and the affect it has on the health care system (those with breathing problems, doctor's visits, etc). It certainly speaks to the advantage of a UNIVERSAL health care system (however, actually implemented) as it actually makes sense to improve the environment as it keeps people healthy (a humanitarian cause) and when health care it publicly funded it affects the public coffers when people become ill therefore it even makes better financial sense to keep the environment a top priority. Plus any approach must be entire with a complete overall plan (the big picture). Including recycling initiatives, energy solutions (alternatives/renewables can now present a real potential financial threat to the big oil companies and even power companies...), government involvement at all levels, public transit, greener vehicles in general (Hybrid, Hydrogen, Conventional electric, bio-diesel, ethanol), conservation in all energy arenas, ETC! Economic viability is the real sell as many of these solutions are just that economically sensible (ensuring we look at the entire picture). Yes as more people use solar, wind and other renewable energy sources the cheaper the technology will get. Two of the newest billionaires have earned a large portion through renewables Solar (India I believe) and Wind (China I believe). Yes in many ways developing nations and economies will be the first and early adopters of such renewable tech as they are just building much of their infrastructure. So what do we all need to do? GET INVOLVED ! Contact your local government about improving your recycling program, contact provincial/state/federal government about the adopting of these new technologies (renewables such as solar/wind), buy gas with ethanol in it and demand it, use and demand bio diesel, buy products with less packaging and demand manufacturers to reduce packaging and to offer a price break as a result. More ECONOMIC VIABILITY! After all energy diversity just like economic diversity is the safest and best bet for good long term results and return on investment. Joe... KEEP IT UP MR. GORE THE POLAR BEARS NEED YOU FIRST **GRIN**.

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