What are some good survival tips for college?

What are some good survival tips for college? Topic: College paper notebook
June 19, 2019 / By Mellony
Question: I really need good tips. I am very worried that i am going to mess up AGAIN in college. The last 3 semesters i failed everything. I am tired of taking the same classes over and over. I want to get this right this time. Please help.
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Leesa Leesa | 4 days ago
1. Sit at the front of the class. You won't be distracted by other students, and the professor will be sure to notice your attendance. 2. Speaking of attendance, go to every class, and be on time. Also, go to your professors' office hours for help on assignments and simply to explain that you've been struggling but really want to do well. A professor is more likely to give you a C instead of a D or a D instead of an F if he/she knows you're doing your best. 3. Check your schools student center/academic office for tutor listings, and get additional help in your most difficult classes. If your school doesn't offer tutoring, check out craigslist for tutoring ads. 4. Make a schedule and a to-do list every day, and follow it. Before you go out with your friends or turn on the tv, make sure you have finished all of your assignments and reading. 5. Stay organized. It's impossible to keep up with a hectic and busy college schedule if you have papers and outlines floating around your car, desk and bookbag, so create an organizational system that works for you. I used to use notebooks with dividers for each class--one notebook for Mon Wed Fri classes, and one for Tue Thurs classes. Keep all handouts, notes, and old assignments so you have them to study for the exam. 6. Oh, yeah, exams...Get started studying for exams as early as possible. Assignments and reading tend to pile up at the end of the semester, so it's critical not to lose focus. During exam week(s), make a schedule of what to study and when, and be prepared to make outlines, flash cards, or whatever works for you. Hope this helps, and good luck!
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Jonelle Jonelle
A couple of things I wish I'd done my first year: 1)Lay down rules with your room mate if you're in the dorms. First thing. That way you guys know where each other stand on things like guests, study hours, sharing of food, all those kinds of things. Be very clear with your rules, it saves a lot of trouble in the long run! 2) Find a healthy stress reliever. For me it was going and running on a treadmill if I got stressed out about a test or something. Something that can take about 20 minutes as a quick break out of routine to level yourself. 3) Join organizations. Just go to the meetings, it's a fantastic way to meet new people! 4) Don't drink on weekdays. Alcohol is everywhere, but drinking every night definitely affects how you feel about class. Even if you do drink regularly, make sure you have homework and other commitments taken care of first. Those are just some things I wish someone had told me before I went. As for the food, ramen noodles are always cheap, and they don't taste horrible either. I would suggest holding off on getting a job until after your first term, so you have time to meet people and make friends without a super hectic schedule. You can figure out how much time you'll need to study, and then figure out if you have time for a job with that in mind. As for big tests just start studying ahead of time, cramming is horrible. Also go to the library, where it's quiet and a different setting than where you normally study. It will definitely help you focus. I know I typed a lot, but I hope it helped some. Good Luck with school in the fall!
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Genette Genette
theres a saying my lecturer used to tell me: party hard and worker even harder. you don't need to ditch your social life. just be sensible about it. never repeated a course before. but i cant imagine whats it like. i mean everyone in your class is new and your colleagues are moving ahead of you. everything you're doing, you know, its gets more boring than usual doesnt it? i think you should find a balance. go out only on weekends. be attentive in class no matter how boring it is because sometimes when you haven't studied a topic and it came for an exam, you can sometimes bluff you way through by remembering hints from the tutorial and lectures. next, attend all the classes! i used to cut some of boring classes thinking i could just read up and catch up someday. that day never reached and not being in the classes makes studying harder. cos you have no idea what to study for and would go through tons of books and notes to finally understand the topic. find your weakness and your strength. i work better under pressure and studying last minute works for me. if you crack under pressure, know that you have to study way before an exam. if not intensive study then just casually read over the notes and when its time to study it makes it easier to remember the notes. oh yea.... do the homework. you get to review the notes and plus get an idea of what sort of question your lecturers might be asking in an exam. always know the nerd of the class. usually friendly and always willing to help. they typically dont need to study the day or two before the exam. they just hang around tho. so approach them and ask them to go over the notes and ask them to explain for you. you're entirely using them cos you make them better by letting them explain to you. This may sound corny but get an organizer/daily planner. I write down ever submission date, mid terms and finals so that I can plan ahead. just seeing it makes a huge difference. plus sometimes it just slips your mind. BTW, 3 Semesters?!? Thats rough. Get a Tutor to help also. And stop worrying and take action. Worrying does nothing! Plus it puts negative ideas in your head and just turns you down when you're approaching the situation. Another thing, if you do study and work hard and still dont perform. Then is there a block or somthing when ur taking a exam? You can consult the schools guidance councilor for help.
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Deena Deena
A big piece of advice... 1. If you need help, get it. This is college, they wont baby you. If you feel you are in need of extra help, pursue the professor. At my university, they offer free tutoring in math, biology, and chemistry by students (and grad students) who excel in these subjects. That way, you wont go to study for a final and not understand major concepts. 2. keep your partying limited. Having a hangover is no excuse to skip classes and slack on homework and studying. College should be fun, but remember why you're there. 3. take thorough notes and record lecturs on a recorder so you can go back and listen if your professor speaks fast and you miss a point. Having great notes makes studying easier. 4. review notes and look for points the professor is really jumping up and down on the table about. 5. If available, look at previous exams to see how he/she writes his/her exams and be prepared. 6. read the text before class so you have at least an introductin to the materials so that you can really pay attention on his main points and key material. Hope this helps!
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Brogan Brogan
I too struggled my first three semesters. I for one did not want to be there in the first place, how about you? Why r u there? Once you decide that you want to be there for academic reasons, then I would suggest that you learn how to study. Learn how to SQ3R. Take a course on time management and live by it. Take one class on nutrition. Get up at the same time every day. Exersize one hour a day. Go to bed at the same time every night. Stop going to Parties. Give up your social life. Find a study group. Get tested to see if you have adult A.D.D. Make the TA's your friends, ask questions, inteligent questions. Learn to flirt with your instructors but do not give them any reason to think they are being propositioned.
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Brogan Originally Answered: Any survival tips for high school?
That depends on how well you manage your time.....do you do your homework on time and schedule or are you a procastinator? don't procrastinate...whatever you do....it'll totally screw you over.....also, don't stress about it too much....you are going into the 9th grade with a bunch of other people who might feel the same way you do.....change that might to will feel the same way you do.....everyones scared their first time going to high school, but its a process.....no one is throwing you to the sharks...i mean think about it....you made it this far!

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