Starting high school soon! Nervous?

Starting high school soon! Nervous? Topic: High school students homework
July 20, 2019 / By Rosabel
Question: Hey, I'm starting high school in 2 1/2 And im starting to feel very very! nervous from now. Any tips?
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Montana Montana | 4 days ago
Try not to stress out too much. It's nothing like what they show in the movies. No one gets thrown in a trashcan by seniors, for instance. Most of the older students probably won't notice you at all, unless you do something irritating. Just try to find a friend in each class. Talk to the people around you and be really friendly. Also, join a club or sport as soon as you can, because that's a great way to meet new people. Your classes will probably be a bit more difficult than they were in middle school, but they won't be impossible. Just do your homework, pay attention in class, and talk to the teacher if you don't understand something. Good luck! I hope you have a great high school experience. :)
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Montana Originally Answered: OK.I am seriously nervous about high school! help me please.?
First off don't worry! Worrying never helps, just be true to yourself, and look out for those around you. Smile lots and make the most of opportunities - within reason of course! Everyone in your class will be feeling exactly the same, so just enjoy the time for what it is, and don't be afraid to talk to friends about how you're feeling either as that will help too!

Lisbeth Lisbeth
I'm a incoming senior, usually 9th graders have the first day alone to get used to the school, than the rest come the next day, but I say always stay with friends at least one and just don't be annoying and enjoy ur life and friends, u always meet cool new ppl!! Don't be worried be excited. Its nothin like they say on tv or movies. Enjoy it!!! Have funn
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Karen Karen
do no longer teach which you're frightened or which you are attempting too problematical and you will in basic terms mixture ideal in. in basic terms be your self and do what you adore (attempt to no longer lose your self in each and all the catty drama that is going alongside with it). I used to plot the circumstances i could flow to my locker in accordance with what flooring i could have my training on, however the 1st week or so instructors are oftentimes lenient with tardiness and comprehend that it takes a splash to get used to. The dances are a blast! greater often than not because of the fact of scholars that get entangled to advance money and beautify, so get entangled! teachers are somewhat harder than in midsection college, yet they are nonetheless tremendously basic so guard a sturdy GPA and get right into a large college, reason it is whilst the exciting truly starts. sturdy success!
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Hanny Hanny
just be calm and cool! simple as that, and since your "just gorgeous" no need to worry anything about looks and such. stick with your friends and better if you DON'T be shy. if some person asks you a question be confident even if your a year or two older and they will like you and may become friends, cause that's how you would want to start the year, correct? :)
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Dolly Dolly
I just want to say, high school was so. much. better. than elementary school. We only have elementary and high here, so it just seemed like I had so much more freedom in high school. It'll be fine, good luck!
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Dolly Originally Answered: Starting high school! help?
High school is a pretty big change, but its not too bad :D Freshman year is still pretty chill, just watch out for the seniors ;} Don't worry about not making friends, most people are in a class with only a couple of their friends anyways. lol, its really not that bad. (don't watch too much t.v. or read too much books) If you want you can join a sport or club, that usually lets you meet lots of people to hang out with. Don't be weird or mean (self-explanatory) As long as your semi-normal you should be able to find a group you feel comfortable with. Listen during class (it really helps) and do your homework, nothing is really that hard High schools only as fun as you make it :D Good luck!

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