Ideas about writing topics.?

Ideas about writing topics.? Topic: Paragraph writing about city life
July 19, 2019 / By Sharona
Question: I write poems and inspirational paragraphs, but currently I seem to be out of ideas of what to write about. Some help, please?
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Paise Paise | 3 days ago
Write about topics that are close more or less to most people (and to you), philosophical (like love, hate, etc), write about something you see around you in your everyday life Here are some more ideas: nature, people, cities, countries, music, travelling, tourism I'd also suggest you to try something new every day so you have more material to write about.
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Paise Originally Answered: Essay ideas/topics.PLz help?
http://712educators.about.com/cs/writing... This site has a huge list of topics for high school students.
Paise Originally Answered: Essay ideas/topics.PLz help?
your culture or something your family has done that has brought you guys closer. Future goals and HOW you will achieve them. Any environmental or social issues that you feel strongly on either by learning more by the essay, or by educating your reader. Relate a great book you have read to current trends. if you are an older brother or what now, how that familial role has developed your character as a person in general.
Paise Originally Answered: Essay ideas/topics.PLz help?
if its an argumental essay, then you should do like the use of cell phones in class. or if its like a research paper. pick a easy topic like the history of a sport or state or something like those.

Maralyn Maralyn
You have to write about things you are passionate about. Maybe try writing about how it is possible to overcome any obstacle in life and still be a happy productive person. Write about how happiness is a choice, not something that just happens to you.
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