How can an adult american citizen living in USA bring his mother to USA and get legal status?

How can an adult american citizen living in USA bring his mother to USA and get legal status? Topic: Irs paperwork requirements
June 26, 2019 / By Jamieson
Question: I live in Venezuela, my son is an american citizen living in USA, I would like to know the procedure to follow for him to bring me to USA?
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Best Answers: How can an adult american citizen living in USA bring his mother to USA and get legal status?

Francis Francis | 3 days ago
As a US citizen, your son can petition the US government for your immigration. He can do that from anywhere in the world by filing an I-130 petition with the USCIS. It costs $420 and takes about 5 months to be processed. http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/m... Thereafter the petition goes to the National Visa Center (NVC) in New Hampshire and they will contact him for the mandatory Affidavit of Support. Since the US government needs to make sure that no foreigner becomes a public charge, every intending immigrant needs a sponsor. The form for this is I-864 and your son needs to make at least $18,912 after taxes, assuming he has no dependents, such as a wife or children, to qualify. If he does, the income requirement goes up accordingly. http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-864p.p... What they want to see is your son's latest US income tax return. If his income is not sufficient, he will need either a co-sponsor, or he can make up for it with assets at the rate of 1:3. After that's been taken care of, the entire package goes to the US consulate in Venezuela, and they will ask for paperwork, a medical, police reports, and schedule an interview. If that goes well, you will receive an IR-5 visa and have thereafter up to 6 months to "activate" it. Should you be so old or ill that it becomes unlikely that you will be able to work at least another 10 years full time, at which time you would become eligible for Medicare and retirement money, your son will have to prove that he can take care of you financially potentially until the day you die. That means he would have to be extremely wealthy. Sponsoring an older parent is extremely difficult again, because the US government needs to make sure that the intending immigrant will not become a burden on the American people.
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Francis Originally Answered: My father is american citizen do you think he can help me to become legal here?
He can help, but not nearly as much as you might think. He won't be able to help you stay in the US, not if you're over 21 anyway. If you're under 21, he can file an I-130 immigrant petition in the IR-2 category and you'd be able to adjust status and get a green card without leaving. This assumes you aren't subject to the 212e two year residency requirement that many J visa holders are subject to. In that case, you'd need to apply for a waiver through the Department of State. However, if you're over 21, while he could still file the petition, you would fall into the F-1 family preference category, and the wait for those immigrant visas is currently 16 years from the time the petition has been filed, for Filipinos anyway. You would not be eligible to adjust status in the US and you would remain out of status, and essentially illegal as you are now. So, that wouldn't solve any problems for you, I'm afraid.
Francis Originally Answered: My father is american citizen do you think he can help me to become legal here?
Your father could file an immigration petition for you. How long it would take, and how complicated things would get, depend on whether or not he was married to your mother and is listed on your birth certificate, your age, your current immigration status.

Daye Daye
I sounds like your spouse can petition for you and your baby. It does no longer sound like the baby derived U.S. citizenship in the time of the mummy, yet that query could be settled with reality on the consulate/embassy. in the journey that your spouse under no circumstances lived interior the U.S., any baby she had does no longer be a U.S. citizen at start. Your spouse needs to start up the multi-stepped approach of immigrating via submitting type I-one hundred thirty on the closest U.S. consulate interior the U.ok. She in all possibility will would desire to document 2 petitions plus the cost and the helping documents.
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Barney Barney
Why do I get the feeling that your son is NOT exactly going to rush to bring you over, if it is YOU that is on here asking..............
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Barney Originally Answered: How can a British citizen marry an Australian citizen living in America?
You cannot join her in the US under her current visa ..hers is just a derative of her mothers not hers ..you would need your own visa There are basically NINE ways that you can get a visa to live and work in the US: (1) Marriage (or engagement in anticipation of marriage) to a US citizen. (2) You have skills that are in short supply in the US e.g. scientific or medical training. A degree is normally a must. Or you have superior specialist skills with at least 12 years experience. (H visas) (3) You have an Employer who is willing to transfer you - but even the employer has to make a good case for you - so you have to be a manager unless you fall under category (2) above.(L visas) (4) You may get a Green card in the diversity lottery (UK citizens, except N.Ireland, are not generally eligible unless you, your spouse or parents were born abroad or held a different citizenship. (5)You own or buy business (does not get you permanent resident status i.e. no green card)You must be a national of a qualifying Treaty countries. The business must have a minimum value of around $150k (more the better) bearing in mind you will need somewhere to live and with any startup business you will need at least 2 years living money as back up. So a figure of $350k would be a nearer minimum (E-2 visas) (6)You are an "investor" i.e. you have at least US $1m in assets to bring with you. half of that in a few areas. And your background will be investigated to the hilt. (EB-5 visas) (7)You have a close relative (mother, father, brother, sister and no further) who is an US citizen who would sponsor you, approx time this take 2-12 years? (8.The R1 visa is available to foreign members of religious denominations, having bona fide non-profit religious organizations in the U.S., for entering the U.S. to carry on the activities of a minister or religious worker as a profession, occupation or vocation (9)THE UNUSUAL You are in a position to claim refugee status/political asylum. or You get a member of Congress to sponsor a private bill with legislation that applies just to you. The S visa issued to persons who assist US law enforcement to investigate and prosecute crimes and terrorist activities such as money laundering and organized crime Recruitment agent will not take you seriously if you are not already in the US. Writing for jobs is really a waste of time; likewise US employers have no idea what foreign qualification are or mean (except Degrees) it may pay you to get your qualification translated into a US equivalent, there are Companies that do this (www.wes.org) .. But if you are getting a visa under (2) above then you need a job offer before you can get the visa. Your Employer will be your sponsor this will cost them upward of $5k. So you can see you have to be offering something really special to get considered They may also have to prove to the Dept of labor that there is no American who can do the job if the position is to be permanent ©

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