Which UC PROMPT 2 topic should i use?

Which UC PROMPT 2 topic should i use? Topic: Best reading and writing apps
July 18, 2019 / By Joah
Question: all about the second prompt so the first essay i wrote, i wrote about a summer academic program i attended, sponsored by a college (very few ppl get into these) and how it changed me for life, because it was like a mini college life or work life i gave it to my dad for revision, but he said he hated it for some reasons: its too general (in summary the essay would sound like - "i went to class and the class changed me for life") it only happened in one month of my life, while martial arts was 6+ years of my life so for that reason i started writing a second essay - on my love for martial arts. but i am still really confused right now which one i should use. i feel like all i can say about martial arts is something like - "because it is uncommon, therefore it is unique to me" also i was told its good to write about something relating to intended major the summer program does relate to my major
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Graham Graham | 8 days ago
Well to be honest, this is a really hard question to answer, because you gave us only two topics you want to write about. Look, anyone can take any kind of topic and make it the best piece they've written, we can't really judge until we've read both essays, and see which one is better. But I suggest you don't give out your essays online, but instead find a professor or friend to look over it and see which one they like best. And to answer your additional details, the first prompt should be about your major, since they ask why did you choose this major. So you don't really need to talk about your major in prompt 2. Anyway good luck, I'm doing the UC apps myself.
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