My stomach itches really bad?

My stomach itches really bad? Topic: Living simple case search
June 20, 2019 / By Jep
Question: im almost 9 months pregnant and my stomach itches really bad. and i havent used anythign different like soap or anything.. and i dont have stretch marks so thoes dont itch lol. could it itch cause im getting bigger still or something? lotion doesnt help the itching what can i do aboutit?? im about ot itch my belly off!! lol
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Geoffrey Geoffrey | 6 days ago
Sounds like a stretching skin but just in case This answer is also for those answering this question that are also itching with out a rash . Cholestasis of Pregnancy The only rash like symptom you may have is whrere you have scracthed so much that you make your skin bleed. IT IS NOT AS RARE AS PEOPLE THINK itching during pregnancy especially in the 3rd trimester There is a risk to your baby. Still Birth If delivered later than 37 weeks Please visit and READ Information at www.itchymoms.com or Search the web for Cholestasis of Pregnancy or ICP There is also a news report at www.wkyc.com and clink on the "Itchy Moms" story Itching can be more dangerous than you think during pregnancy. I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE........... Not all doctors a familiar with Obstetric Cholestasis. Go straight to your DR and ask about Cholestasis of Pregnancy or ICP. It is to do with your liver and pregnancy hormones. I have had this with 3 of my 4 pregnancies. All it is, is a simple itch that will drive you crazy that is the only symptom. Ask to have your BILE SALTS tested this is the only test that will diagnose OC/ICP, Argue with your Dr if you have to, it is worth it. Liver fuction tests and blood counts DO NOT diagnose OC/ICP the only can help the diagnoses in conjunction with Bile salt tests . An itch doesn't seem much but it can be FATAL to your baby if it goes undiagnosed. The itching can be any where I had it on my legs and arms at first. I don't want to scare you but please realise this is very important pregnancy #4 I started to itch at week 8
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Geoffrey Originally Answered: How Do You lose Stomach Fat Fast?
How often do you have a bowel movement? If it is not at least 3 times a day you need to get your self cleaned out.Try prune juice you can add orange juice to it if you can't stand the taste and you can do sit ups and hold your stomach in while you are at the computer, walking down the street whenever you think about it hold your stomach in.It works I am in my 30's have 3 kids and my stomach is flat. Pilate's helps and try not to have a lot of dairy it can have you bloated. As for your face exercise it. Goggle facial exercises, I believe someone wrote a book on it, go to Amazon .com and search for facial exercises. If that doesn't work were a bit of blush to contour your face and some mascara to draw people to look at your eyes.

Diklah Diklah
Your belly is stretching.... That is normal but here are some things that might help. When you shower done take a hot shower just warm. The hot shower will dry your skin out even more. If lotion is not helping then I would try a sea salt or somthing like that since it has a lot of oils in it. I am a fan of the Arbonne Sea Salts but even walmart will have some that you can try. Also another option to try is some itching cream or even some oil. Anything that will give you moisture....
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Bliss Bliss
I'm 34 weeks pregnant and my stomach itches too, and I dont have any stretch marks either (yet). I think it means that the skin is tearing underneath and that means you might get stretch marks. Whatever you do, don't scratch. Try using cocoa butter massage cream. It seems to help me out and its supposed to help with skin elasticity.
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Ackerley Ackerley
Yep normal! Use bio oil or cocoa butter every day and keep moisturized and DO NOT ITCH! I had PUPPPs at 34 weeks until 37 weeks straight with my daughter, I cried every day. it's a horrible rash on your stretch marks that spread, as hard as it is to NOT itch, you need to or it makes it worse.
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Stacee Stacee
I am pregnant with my third baby and it is normal for your belly to itch. Your skin changes and gets alot dryer then usual. I would use lotion everyday after showering and that should help.
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Generally, when you are in a sport you are encouraged to eat healthily. That means lots of water and gatorade so you don't get dehydrated, healthy food. No more of that sugary, greasy stuff! That's a rarity. Keep your eyes on the greens. That's only the key to help you gain that stomach, without it the task would be much more difficult. While working out for track, you do many different things. You run, a lot. Warm up runs; slow, average, fast. (jogging, distance, and sprinting.) You also work on your strength, mainly in your legs. To do this, check out my list of things that I do; WALL SQUAT. A wall squat is an exercise where you lean against a wall in a sitting down position. Sit against the wall as if you were going to sit on a bench, but keep your back straight. (along the wall) Stay in this position for two minutes. If you haven't done this before, start with one minute. These squats target the muscles of the back, abddomen, and thigh. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. A mountain climber is an exercise where you get in the push-up position and alternate legs, as if you were when running. You bring one leg up to your chest, then switch to the other. Do this quickly for a minute, or more if you can tolerate it. This is a good exercise if you don't have a lot of time on your hands and want to work on your legs. PYLOMETRIC SQUATS. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, squat down, bending your knees to 90 degrees. And after that, you'll jump up and land softly again in the squat position. Use the strength in your legs to jump up with such excitement. Make sure you land softly, knees bent. LUNGES. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and then lunge forward with your left leg. Come back up, and straight your left leg. You right leg should not have touched the floor when you did that lunge. I also do many other exercises, such as balances. You should research more on this topic. For the upper body, push ups are good. So are sit ups and superman. I would give you more examples, but quite frankly I have to get ready for an extra practice. I've actually got a meet in a few days, so we want to practice as much as possible. P.S.: Don't push yourself too hard! Do what you can, and slowly add on to it. You'll be fit in no time. Have fun. :)

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