My daughter is starting middle school?

My daughter is starting middle school? Topic: Too much homework studies school
July 20, 2019 / By Tyrrell
Question: She is very smart and in advanced classes but the homework load is very heavy. She gets depressed and sad because she has to spend all her time after school doing homework. I feel bad for her because she doesn't get much of a chance to have fun. What can I do to help. I'm also afraid that when it comes time for college she'll be burnt out with school the way I was.
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Rikki Rikki | 10 days ago
in middle school they usually have a study hall class or enrichment period where she can atleast get some of her homework done. just give her some time after school (2-3 hours) to do whatever she wants too. this is what i do and after that i have plenty of time to shower eat do my homework and be in bed by 8:30 or 9. also keep encouraging this. she will suceed one day because of these study habbits.
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Rikki Originally Answered: I need help starting middle school?
I actually love middle school, I am going to 7th grade next year. Anyways - Locker Rooms: They don't have them at my school, we get changed in the bathroom, but it is a MUST to get a lock for ur locker, my sister got her sneakers stolen because she forgot to lock it! (she's in High school) And if you are worried about when you are changing what girls will think of you, you can wear a cami over your bra or just wear a cami if you don't wear bras yet. Lockers: Whether you get the bottom or top one, it should always be organized. Proven study shown that kids with cleaner lockers tend to do better in school. I would recommend getting a locker shelf to neatly stack your books, and stuff. Lockers are a good way to express your personality too by decorating it! You can buy a white board the write down important tests so you will remember books for that night, cute magnets are good for hanging up photos of pets, family, friends, etc which can help on a bad day! Schedule: On your first day you will probably get your schedule. It is a good idea to keep extra copies: one for home, for your locker, and one to carry around in school, like in your binder or pencil case, etc. On your first day, don't be afraid to carry it around in the hall when switching classes, If anyone rude makes fun of you just ignore them, they were probably clueless on their first day too. Towards the middle of the year you may know your shecdule by heart,but it is still good to carry one around. Backpack/ What to carry: Try to pick out a backpack that you know you will like throughout the whole year - backpacks aren't cheap, lol. In your backpack carry your books, of course, a pencil case to hold all your pens and pencils, and if you are expecting that time of the month (even i you haven't gotten it yet) it is always a good idea to carry a pad or tampon, and maybe a few bandaids just incase u get a paper cut or whatever. Lunch: Pack a healthy lunch, lol. And in the cafeteria try to sit with your friends, and try to sit with new ppl too. Popularity: Be yourself, and don't start cliques! If you need more just email me: [email protected] :)

Mervin Mervin
I know exactly what you are talking about. The same thing happened to me and my friends. I know this sounds bad, but it's not going to let up. If you can, homeschool her. it really does wonders for her education and she has more time to spend with friends. However, encourage her to take a good look at her school career. Give her the option of dropping one or two advanced classes next year. Maybe she is taking all the advanced classes when it would be easier for her to take just the ones she feels really passionate about. Has your daughter always done her homework? If she's just getting too overwhelmed, send a letter to her teacher explaining the situation. It may help. Or if the teachers being really awful, take it to the schoolboard.
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Jordyn Jordyn
If she thinks the work load is heavy in junior high, just wait till college and the workforce. I really don't know what the solution is for her. Just keep studying and let time pass on. Sooner or later commencement will be there and she will finally be through with junior high and high school. The extra classes (advanced classes as you call them) are probably a waste at this point in time, unless they teach her a skilled trade. Out in the world, it is fine to know how to read, write, and do arithmetic well, but those alone won't get you far. Those are expected skills you should have acquired back in elementary school. She may want to drop the extra courses (advanced courses) and learn a skilled trade, like computer programming, mechanics, sewing, welding........................... She needs to learn something that can make her money. That is what is wrong with the educational system. Every student comes out of high school with the abilities to read, write, and perform arithmetic, but they don't have any skill to make money. Anyway, just my advice, take it or don't take it!
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Hanani Hanani
I m in college....n i work day night...!! ITz so much worload tht smtimes i go skool without sleepyin.... i work in advance so tht in weekends i hv tyme to sleep....may this help :)
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Hanani Originally Answered: Leaving middle school & best friends - heading to a new high school - JITTERS?
the same thing happened to me. I left for high school while all my best friends except one left to go to another high school. at first it's hard. but you soon get new freinds and adapt to a different schedule. high school is not really as hard as everyone says. the worst part is more homework. also, if the school is big, you have to go up and down the stairs a lot.

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