What should i do? i need some advice?

What should i do? i need some advice? Topic: Motivation to start homework
June 19, 2019 / By Kade
Question: the only thing i ever want to do is sleep. all i do is zone off and day dream all day. i don't have the energy, or the motivation to do anything, even homework. i feel like I've lost myself. ii don't feel the same. i use to love to read now i only read cuz i have to for school, and even then i only skim it. i don't know who i am anymore. do you think me losing my best friend could have something to do with the resent confusion? Do you think i have ADD? i know i have a depression disorder and my parents are pretty sure i have ADD and i agree, Do you think if i get put on med's for ADD i will have some motivation? What do i need to help me get back on tract? the school year has started and i'm failing like all my classes for not doing homework. how can i get motivated?
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Harvey Harvey | 7 days ago
If the doctor diagnosis you with ADD, then the medication will help you focus better, the confusion is part of it. It's like a big box with files dumped in it, once the medication takes effect, it is like some one has sorted and filled everything in order, your thoughts will clear up. Do you often feel like your walking around in a haze? The uncontrollable day dreaming is inattention, a focusing problem and most with ADD have that problem. My son was the same. When they start you on meds, make sure, in fact, have your mother "insist" to start you low and build up to your level, the dose is usually judged on one's body weight. Most experienced or good doctors will, but there are those who will start you on high doses, in which you'll walk around like a zombie while they reduce it, they up it every 5 days till you get to that point, to make sure you have no problems with the drug of their choice. If you are ADD, it will do wonders for you, after your dose is set, it will take about or under 3 wks till you feel and see the difference and be surprised with how fast and well it does work. Also, if you have to carry it with you, know that it is sold illegally on the streets, for those who are not ADD it gives a high, for those who are you'll get nothing but a clearer head, you'll be more organized, think straighter and be able to pay attention without a lot of problems. So be careful, it might be best if you let none know you have them on you.
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Elgar Elgar
haha, just by the way you typed that, i'm pretty sure you have ADD, and yes, there is some medicine for some severe ADD. What you have to do to get motivated again, is to be more positive, and take pride in every little accomplishment. You'll feel better about yourself and want to succeed more. :P There are some depression pills too, but i would try to stay away from them because they can be slightly addictive...
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Allysdair Allysdair
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Terra Terra
There is only one person who can help you, your G.P. (doctor). I would have thought you being so young your parents would have sort advice from the doctor. I have already replied to you on another 'Question'. You seem to be spending what bit of energy you have on sending the same 'Question' in, at least twice.Go to your doctor!!
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Rosabel Rosabel
well, with add conserta helped me, but i was hyper. with conserta, i can do my work and read. with out the meds, playing the radio while reading helped me. good luck!
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