How do I get started as a IT professional?

How do I get started as a IT professional? Topic: How many references should be in a thesis
June 16, 2019 / By Diana
Question: I have always been interested in computers and general technology. I’m 25 have no college background and only have a high school diploma. I would love to start a career as a IT professional either in computer repair, network security or something along those lines. So I’d really love it if I could get some suggestions on where/how to start. Should I get A+ Certified? MCSC? Network+? CISCO? Or what? I know that with a degree im not gonna become a millionaire and I’m not trying to I’d be happy with around a 40 to 45k a year. Also, I’d really love not to be in school for more than a year. I live in southern California… Suggestions? Schools? Programs? Anything will be a big help! (on the scale of 1 to 100 and 70 being average, I would say that my knowledge of computers and over all tech/web is about an 83 so I'm a little more knowledgeable than most people but I need more to do anything with it)
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Cara Cara | 3 days ago
Get a job as internship in some electronic stores ,mostly you get low pay or some none pay, its good for your resume, Certification starts form A+ if you want to do hardware stuff then Network+ them maybe MCP and on and on, but if you do good with SOFTWARE(that where the money is) start taking programming classes in community colleges ,if you become interested you will know..most adult schools (in California) or Occupational schools ,or night schools have training classes for all those hardware courses,,,try any of them specially community colleges have great courses ,it just take a bit longer, but it is well worth it.There are many many Micky mouse IT training schools they make you get student loan and after that they Do not care if you learn or if you can find a job, try your local Unemployment offices they have great references for free schools or ,schools that they work with , since they pay for unemployed to be trained in theses schools if they can not find jobs for their student ,the Offices stop paying and sending their students(unemployed ) to them,make sure you know the basic of M.S. Office(Word ,Excel,PowerPoint),keep on reading on any IT material you can get your hands on,,to get your first job the least you have to have minimum of a Year of training or studying,,You will achieve this goal if you just work a bit on it.I am a network administrator and I start it at age 40 I used to be a car mechanic....
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Ami Ami
You are at a severe disadvantage without a 4 year degree. You need to go get that before you go down this road in IT. The lack of that degree will cost you at least $5000 per year at the least and keep you from getting a job at all at the worst. Many companies use college degree as a basic qualifier and toss your application in the trash if you don't have that no matter how wonderful you are otherwise.
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Warren Warren
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