I need advice about getting into college?

I need advice about getting into college? Topic: Bordered writing paper
June 26, 2019 / By Kodey
Question: about four years ago I moved to usa from Botswana which is a country that borders south africa and my father passed away so my extended family who live here in the usa told my mother to come to the usa so long story short when I was enroling in high school here in usa NJ they put me a year behind because the school could not recognize the grading system of my country which is British International Standard, anyway instead of being in 11th grade they put me in 10th grade. Everything was ok for a few months then my mother had job issues so we moved to NY state where I had to do 10th grade I hated that school and my mom had issues with her job then once again we moved to Florida and this time they out me in 11th grade then again for a few months things were o.k until we had to move because of my moms job and then I came back to NJ and they put me in 12th grade this was last year 2012. by the end of the year I passed all subjects except for maths and science so I was told that I am short of two credits to get my h.s diploma but its not entirely my fault as I never intended to move to usa neither did I expect to go through all of these problems. I failed because I was under stress, I was angry because I was in a country that I did not want to be in and to top it all off my mother was having money problems which was not her fault either because she is a Business woman, she had her own business for 23 years now all of a sudden she was making sandwiches at subway. so we were told that I can get a GED to get into college because I just want to finish college here in usa and then go back home for good where I can open my own business and make money. so what am I supposed to do?
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Ignatius Ignatius | 3 days ago
Dumelang ;-) My advice is find out if you can get into Uni in Botswana with your high school grades (i'm sure they would easily convert and tell you whether or not you qualify), then wrap up the high school part (re-write some papers if necessary) and go back to Botswana to apply for government sponsorship to Uni, last year it was minimum cut-off points were 36 points. All the best
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Ignatius Originally Answered: I need college advice! Please help?
If you live near Duke University, most colleges now offer what are called "Instan Decision Days" where if you signup & go to the college they will tell you that day whether or not you've been accepted. Some schools will take a while to get back to you. What I would suggest is contacting Duke & see if they've processed your application. Sometimes they put people on a "wait list" where you'll be approved, but others need to drop out first. Also if you applied in December, unless your high school sent in the paperwork, it is possible they have yet to receive your information. USPS tends to not be up to par during the holiday season. Make sure to submit good letters of recommendation as well. If you were a scholar in high school see if your principal or superintendent would be willing to write a recommendation letter for you.
Ignatius Originally Answered: I need college advice! Please help?
You have no chance. That SAT score looks like it was from the old test when it was out of 1600 and it still sucks even on that scale. 1290/2400 is barely more than half and places you below the national average. Nothing can fix that score besides one big check from mom and dad to the university of your choice.

Estmund Estmund
For Emerson, I might only find GRE and gpa know-how for graduates. That you would be able to expect that they're much like gpa and SAT ratings for undergraduates. Other colleges you must remember in MA are Boston school, Brandeis tuition, Tufts university, and Wellesley institution. Just right good fortune.
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Estmund Originally Answered: Paying for College Advice?
Did above poster actually read the post? OP has been denied federal aid-b/c her parents income, thus automatically cannot qaulify for a stafford. honestly....i dont know. I'm in the same boat too because my folks make too much paper and i dont fit into any of the other checkboxes. I've been working full time and doing online classes and night school. if your not already on fastweb then get on there and maybe try www.prosper.com its a long shot but if you need the skrills bad check it out.
Estmund Originally Answered: Paying for College Advice?
I would still complete the FAFSA because income is not an issue with unsubsidized stafford loans or credit so all students otherwise eligible for federal aid will qualify for at least an unsubsidized stafford loan regardless of family income.

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