Now worried about SIDS?

Now worried about SIDS? Topic: Should animals be used for research articles
June 16, 2019 / By Kyran
Question: I am reading online about SIDS, not on purpose just came across an article about the new Enfamil "restful" formula. Designed to keep babies full longer. So, I guess this is a 2 part question... My daughter is 4 months old and has been sleeping through the night since she was 3 weeks old. She slept 6 hours at a time and woke up right in the middle. When she was 3 months she started sleeping 12 hours straight at night. This article is saying it increases the risk of SIDS. Now I am a little worried. Does that risk go down now that she is older and can roll over? Then, what do you think about this new "restful" formula? Any of you out there use this? (I am not looking to use it, my daughter still breastfeeds, I am just curious about opinions.) http://www.drmomma.org/2009/08/sids-enfa... That is the article, it is a page on facebook, and I unliked it due to a few of the articles. It REALLY bashes formula feeding mothers in a lot of ways and I don't want to associate myself with a page like that anymore. But this is what I came across before I unliked it. (This isn't the article that made me unlike the page) Oh now I see they discontinued it. I think that is a good thing...Thoughts?
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Isaac Isaac | 2 days ago
I would worry a little that your baby is sleeping too much and sleeping through the night too soon! I suggest you follow these research based SIDS preventions: -Put your baby to bed/nap with a pacifier, always -always place baby on back to sleep unless she has a GERD problem as diagnosed by a doctor -keep your baby in a crib/bassinet in YOUR bedroom until age 6 months -breast feed if possible instead of bottle feeding -have a fan blowing cool air on your baby at bedtime and naptime. -Dress baby warm enough/ cool enough for bed/naptimes. Do NOT have anything else in crib. Only a mattress and fitted sheet should be in the crib. No stuffed animals, toys, or even a blanket should be in bed with your baby. I would suggest looking up normal infant temperature and buying an ear thermometer and checking your baby's temp before putting your child down for a nap or bedtime. Then add more clothes or take off a few layers of clothes from your baby depending what their temperature is at bed/naptime. I would also try to wake the baby up a little more frequently because when my nephew started sleeping through the night at 2 months it worried my mother. She thought it was way too soon for a baby to sleep so long without waking up. And as it turns out my nephew died at 4 months of SIDS
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Isaac Originally Answered: Causes Of SIDS Your Take On It?
SIDS can be genetic. It runs in families, for instance My Grandmother lost 3 infants to SIDs. Since SIDs rate is high in my family I was tested as an infant. As a result, I was put on a heart monitor when I slept. There were times I stopped breathing, and if my heart stopped the monitor would go off alerting my mother. When I was an infant my parents didn't smoke, and the house was clean. My mom ran a daycare out of our home. It was kept clean to prevent the spread of illness. I've included an article I believe you should read about the latest research on SIDs and what may cause it.
Isaac Originally Answered: Causes Of SIDS Your Take On It?
Another thing you can do to help prevent SIDS is to have a fan circulating air in the room, too. Circulating air helps prevent it. The above factors can be relevant, but the reality of the situation is this: It's called SUDDEN infant death syndrome for a reason--it's sudden and in most cases-people don't know what causes it. One study that was just done a month or so ago that I saw on the news linked low seratonin levels in the brain to SIDS. If they screened every child at birth, then I'm assuming they could hook the babies with low seratonin levels up to monitors or treat them with drug forms of seratonin to prevent it. Who knows what will happen as more studies and more research is done as a result of this study.
Isaac Originally Answered: Causes Of SIDS Your Take On It?
I have known a few people who lost their baby to SIDS and this was not the case at all. They were very clean people who cared greatly for their child. New research has found it to be caused by a low level of serotonin in the brain that does not signal for the baby to wake up when they are no longer receiving oxygen (stopped breathing, rebreathing too much CO2)

Farran Farran
The highest number of SIDS cases occur between 2-4 months old. Keep in mind that there are SIDS cases as old as 24 months, but many jurisdictions cut it off between 1 year and 18 months. In the news a year or so ago, they found a significant reduction of SIDS if there is a fan running in the child's room. I'd do that.
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Farran Originally Answered: What is the definition of SIDS?
there are 2 main supected causes of SIDS one is a influx of carbon dioxide the other is posible nerve misfiring.... so when you lay a baby face down the nose has a chance to build of CO2 in the area being breathed, hince why they say back to sleep lowed SIDS by 80% alone just that one tip, also the idea of a fan, its not the white noise (tho that dose help infants to sleep) the fan moves air around... thus preventing a CO2 build up... as far as cosleeping raising SIDS, all the studies i have read shows a LOWER risk of SIDS when cosleeping... when a baby is suffocated there a tell tell signs capularies in eye burst theres brusing in some cases.... you cant put a pillow overs a sleeping baby and smother it and claim SIDS.... so if a baby is suffocated by a drunk parent (only cases of children being rolled on where from drunk or drugged parents) co sleeping isnt dangerious at all, so long as you follow the rules... no drinking/drugs, baby cant be on the edge and dress baby warm so baby can lay high by your head and shoulders Versus low by your tummy under the covers....
Farran Originally Answered: What is the definition of SIDS?
I've always thought the same thing. Like when people say if you put your baby to sleep on their stomach then they can die of SIDS. But wouldn't the risk be more for dying of suffocation? (like if there's too much linen or padding around the bed that can smother the baby, or they can't lift their head effectively, etc.) I never understood why, if SIDS is unexplainable, people claim that there are all sorts of things that can cause SIDS.

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