Will someone give me advice on what I should do now?

Will someone give me advice on what I should do now? Topic: Do colleges give homework
July 19, 2019 / By Peony
Question: I have been doing very bad in college and I am currently in academic probation and I failed 2 classes this semester and I am afraid they will kick me out of college. I am panicking and having anxiety attack. Please give me some advice.My parents said they will kick me out if I fail.This was I believe my last chance to pass. I tried everything I went to tutoring and went to study group. Studied my butt off. But the problem with me is that I am very forgetful so I kind of forget after a while and when I get my test I blank out and panic.
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Marjory Marjory | 2 days ago
Take classes that you're interested in, something that you want to learn rather than forcing yourself to do it. what subject are you taking? i think everything is in the text-book, student read it and apply to the homeworks or questions. I'm 18 b and this is my first semester in college, i think it's pretty easy, i read and listen to the teacher's lecture make me remember better. u won't kicked out of college, don't worry, take a few classes and bring the GPA up, then you're fine. Don't study your butt off, take a little time out each day to learn, study. Don't wait until the last minute to do it. i know because i'd been doing it for awhile. Talk to your counselor, make an appointment and they will help you out.
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Marjory Originally Answered: SOMEONE please give me advice?
Sounds like you are feeling terrible. If you are really sick, then stay home or go see a doctor. If you are just in a funk, get you butt to class. The rest of us are waiting. =) Hope you feel better soon. God bless, CK

Krystelle Krystelle
this should motivate you even more do better. i think that youre feeling worse because youre stressing out. just calm down and try taking some easier classes for a while. take something of interest to you that way you dont feel like you have to know everything. itll be better because you want to know everything. so just relax, and organize and prioritize your life ok. school comes first so as much as you might wanna go out and party or whatever make sure youre caught up with school. keep studying and yeah maybe you might wanna go talk to some counselors or something to see if they can help you out a bit....things will get better ok...good luck with everything. :)
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Jeannie Jeannie
Go to the campus health center and tell them how you feel. They deal with problems like yours all the time. It sounds like you may need to go to a community college or a trade school where the pace is slower. You can't take the pressure of a 4 yr. college.
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Jeannie Originally Answered: Can anyone give me some advice?
Okay so let me start by prasing you for wanting to help your friend even though you may be jelous of his talents. Personally, I don't think there is anything at all wrong with your friend. In fact, I think his own worries about having something wrong with himself is whats making him seem more socially akward than he truly is. My advice to him is to try and put himself in as much akward situations as possible that way he will learn how to be outgoing, and confident. He also needs to realize how special he is, and praise himself for the greatness he has. I feel that once he becomes more confident, he will in turn, become less akward. And as for a girlfriend, one day a girl will see his special talents and love him for all of them. 21 years has nothing to do with anything, he probably just hasnt found that one special girl (cheesy, but true). Hope I could help<3

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