Do this letter to the editor make any sense? it's called "Solve domestic problems first"?

Do this letter to the editor make any sense? it's called "Solve domestic problems first"? Topic: Work and energy problem solving
June 26, 2019 / By Marko
Question: Solve domestic problems first Sure, let's go fight for Georgia's freedom and start a war with Russia, something we spent decades trying to avoid doing. But, surely they too will see us as Batman of the world, out to stop crime, evil doing and violence. We have such a fantastic record of bringing relief to Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Bosnia, Libya, Iran and Granada, all rational thought must acknowledge our Messianic role. How could anyone doubt our ability to solve the world's problems? It only took three years to help resettle our own Louisiana flood victims. We still haven't solved health care, secured our borders, controlled gas prices, planned for rising energy needs, stopped the free flow of tons of drugs that has debilitated nearly an entire generation, produced high school students who can use proper grammar, know any history before the era of rap, or work simple math problems without electronic help. While we're solving Georgia's problem, we can simultaneously eliminate the Pakistani rebels, thereby putting them in a pincer between our troops there and those in Afghanistan. Duh, wait, that would put us in a pincer between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Duh well, the brain trust that has kept us in un-winnable wars in the past will think of something. The important thing is that we spend billions of our ever-deflating tax dollars abroad, while telling Americans to "buy local." What about freedom for Americans? The freedom to be able to buy bread and milk, to know that our jobs are safe from out-sourcing, to think that the elected officials we hired at a specific wage can't just renegotiate their own salary any time they wish and take vacation without doing the job they were hired to do. You wouldn't allow a plumber, painter or electrician to operate that way. VAUGHN PHELPS Twin Falls http://www.magicvalley.com/articles/2008/09/03/opinion/letters/143642_28.txt
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Best Answers: Do this letter to the editor make any sense? it's called "Solve domestic problems first"?

Jermaine Jermaine | 10 days ago
America doesn't have the option or convenience to overlook foreign problems. All must be dealt with simultaneously. I'm sorry that Obama isn't up to the job. He isn't ready yet.
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Giffard Giffard
No, it does not. The short-sighted letter writer does not seem to comprehend the meaning of the word "freedom." The United States has a long history of aiding those who choose to fight for the same type of freedom American take for granted. He misses the point that and inherent part of freedom is the freedom to fail. We are not all guaranteed success and neither are those we have helped to free. The Louisiana flood victims were "free" to resettle themselves. It is not the government's job to "resettle" them. We are free to work hard to be able to buy not just bread and milk, but many frivolities as well. We are also free to loaf and wait for someone else to put food in our mouths. And lastly, we are free to express our ignorance writing ill-informed letters to the editor.
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